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RE: Piper: The Perfect Gift for a 7-Year Old?

in #technology4 years ago

Sounds like a fun idea but i don´t think this is the kind of stimulation that this generation of 7 year old children is lacking, not in my part of the world!

I would rather opt for lego(technical maby) and something that would bring your child outside and play or engage in social activites, since intelligence seems to be suffering with less out door activities and less social activities.
The digital products "helping" children evolve intelligence seems to be poor idea in general!

This might in fact be the worst gift :)



Ah I've thought about that. He's in a less urban-ey area so the trees and all are already out there anyway, so this will be something rather different for an activity..

sounds well balanced and like a nice addition!
I was picturing a home with computers, a playstation, ipads,smartphones yeah u know.

Thanks for the post as well :)

Lol that's my crib instead, have never been much of a nature person although I do get to the beach whenever I get the chance to :)

hehe nice i would have guessed u had taht coverd :) i love the beach and forests ofc but i have a german shepherd so i take a few strolls everyday, feels god while working and sitting @ screen all day!