Wold moves towards technology ( Part 1)

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Technology taking place in our daily at vey high and fast speed. In our surrounding every where we can see the powerful and very useful technology and further to know technology we can see in some points

  1. In information fields

    Now are days technology is developing itself and technolgy takes large space and it the general saying that where is techonlogy then there is development
  2. In medical area

Before several years ago we were unable to save over people from simple diseases but now we can medicine maximum diseases this could possible because of technology in medicine fields

  1. In field of agriculture

We get food by the help of farmer then technology help our farmer at very large scale, from some times ago our farmer have to face lot's of difficulties but now by the help of technology it easy now compare to previous time.

Then this was my part 1 of the technology article and other fields will cover in my next blog
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Technology is the new way of life...you can't think of life without technology..