When futurist like Ray Kurzweil talk about A.I. and machine learning, are they equating artificial intelligence with sentience and/or consciousness? Because if they are, I can't see how they can claim to create an artificial consciousness when there is still no understanding within medical/philosophical circles of what consciousness actually is.

Author's note: This is just Part 1. There are 5 more coming. Each day we go further down the rabbit hole...

These are such interesting stories. It's always fascinating to read about the progress of AI technology. Of course, it can go horribly wrong but at the same time, it has such an amazing potential for good. Good read!

Thanks for reading!

I really enjoy listening to Ray Kurzweil talk about what he thinks the future will be like. I am not sure how I feel about all of it. Of course the health implications of technology will help us extend our lives, while other AI could be weaponized against us. Intriguing and terrifying at the same time.

Totally. It's the big question--whether advanced AI will be friendly or hostile. I think it will be the former, but great minds like Elon Musk and others want to regulate it. It's funny to see libertarian tech moguls begging for government regulation!

Well I remember watching a documentary with some of the people that are racing to create AI. They asked them if they knew the dangers of AI and what it will be able to do (be a million times smarter than us within days) and they said they knew the risks but were willing to do it anyway. They just want to be able to say they achieve it regardless of what happens to everyone after. I think Elon Musk knows this and is trying to slow it down as much as he can. :/

Good read! Thanks

Thank you Anti-media for the articles. Today as you alluded, everything finds it’s way into a military application. I hope you will read my blog articles concerning a collective intelligence. We the people are in the race also and seem to fall further behind each day. Our only response seems to be activism in the hope of raising awareness. What is our true power, our true hope, other than force of arms, which is not a real solution in this modern world? My proposition is that human intelligence can be greatly elevated and empowered if only we realize we are settling for what we know. We must evolve.

Great post, another interesting one is Facebooks AI that had to be shut down because 2 of its robots began communicating in their own language to each other. If your not familiar heres a link to a story on it.

My thought is that these AI systems will have a vastly different perspective on everything within our environment. We as humans have “history” something we can look back on that influences us. Procreation and biological purposes that we serve. What if you were an intelligence and were in a sense all alone, because history started with you and you had no mate. How would you “feel” Would that not in a sense foment instability in your existence and how would you rectify that instability?

The history of technology is fascinating, and AI may be the last chapter in that history. There are turning points after which regression isn't possible, and AI may be the final transition. It's really not melodramatic to say that, given even just the glimpse you have provided in this post.

Sentient machine intelligence. Sentient machine intelligence deliberately mentally deranged. AI controlling target acquisition on the battlefield. AI controlling armies of weaponized drones.

What could go wrong?

Everything. But you only need to worry about it if A) you believe it's real. B) you really think there are bad people trying to get AI/drone armies. C) things sometimes go wrong.

Me? I'm worried. I dunno how to survive swarms of armed drones hunting people down. It's hard enough to survive armed people hunting people down.


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