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RE: Pokémon Go a year after the hype. Are the privacy issues still a concern and how does a free app make money?

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Hi @mk40 and @ocd, of course you can share! Great pieces you already shared; I'm following you now :)

Regarding your very valid comment: indeed people should ask themselves which companies they trust with their data. Unfortunately, you won't always know with which 'third parties' these companies share your data like Niantic does.

Another issue is that companies buy and sell databases. The real value lies not the information you provide in your profile, but all the other information that company can acquire about you by simply buying or combining databases. I'll write another article about that soon.


I'll be keeping my eye out for that next post!

Hey, wanted to let you know. Your post was the Top Nomination of the day for OCD. You can check out the post here.

Wow, thanks @mk40 AND @m1r0! I am humbled by your support, really. I will honor it by writing more articles like this one :D

Congratulations @anrikevisser! I also got discovered by @ocd, hope i also get nominated like you did!

Was it the nomination that boosted your payouts for this post? Over 40 bucks is solid!

Hi @blockchainttmft, yes it was definitely the @ocd support that helped this post along! Good luck and feel free to share some of your articles for curation.

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