Make Robot..... to remove weeds in the crop

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Switzerland's scientists have discovered a robot that can detect weeds of crops and destroy those weeds with insecticides. This robot was found working in a Sugar Bit field in Switzerland. The solar powered robot looks like a table. The four wheeled cameras are in the robot. With the help of the camera, the robot finds weed. Then destroy it with a blue fluid inside it.

Although the invention is still in the experimental stage, the Swiss robot is seen as a new system for the prevention of weed. This will also reduce the amount of non-irrigative chemical application. Developer Eco-Robotics, a developer of the Izzatine robot project in Switzerland, believes that this device will reduce the rate of application of peanuts by 20 times. They also said they are in the final stage of signing the contract with several investors and they will go to the market in early 2013.
Last year, Blue River's Silicon Valley Startup Company bought US tractor company Deere and Co. for $ 3.55 million last year. They enhance a device and add the camera. Weeds are identified with the help of this camera and the pesticides are applied right there. The device 'seen and sprayed' was applied last year to the United States cotton plant. As a result, the application of pesticides reduced by 90 percent.


Various companies from Germany, Denmark, and other countries have been trying to discover such devices. Companies believe that such a spray system will be the key to making profits in the future of business. Roberto, CEO of Europe, Middle East and Africa, Richard Lightbund said that many technologies are now available. But now it is important to collect them all by bringing it to the fair price to the peasantry. If the pesticide is reduced, then the farmer will be forced to use it for production. This environment-friendly device will be very popular with the farmers.
This machine is coming to the market at a time when the issue of spraying of weeds and pests has been criticized by environmentalists and environmental regulators. In the face of their criticism, the use of these insecticides has decreased a lot. In all, the idea is that this machine will bring great changes in the agricultural sector of developed countries. The robot type machine will throw the weeds and insecticides and GM crops in the face of challenge.


However, investors said that due to the new robot, the trade of pesticides and seed industry of one billion million dollars will be hampered. This robot will reduce the requirements of pesticides and genetically modified high yielding cereal (GM) plants that they supply worldwide. Companies such as Bair, Dowdupt, BASF and Syngenta control the business. But due to the new digital agricultural technology, their business will be affected now.


Market researcher Philips McDougall said these companies sell pesticide worth $ 2.6 billion, which is 46 percent of the market. At the same time they sold 90 percent of the market's GM food grains. Investor Cadric Likemp said that the new benefits coming in the new situation will be transferred to the agricultural-chemical companies. Some will go to the hands of the farmers and the makers of machinery will go.




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