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**The Internet has become the fundamental right of the people of the internet. Initially, users used the Internet from a desktop computer. Gradually, the use of laptop computers has increased from the desktop. And now the number of Internet users on the mobile phone is increasing. With Internet TV, SmartHome devices will be connected to each other through the wireless internet. The Wi-Fi router is an important device for this wireless internet device. A router is required to use an Internet connection at home or at the office. There are also various price router rows in the market.

Why Wi-Fi Router?
If you use the Internet on a mobile phone, you can get the internet package started as per the need. But if the internet is to be used on more than one device then it is not possible to use one package. Firstly there is no chance to share internet connection with mobile phones or desktops with other devices. Another reason, mobile phone packages are comparatively expensive. It is possible to use the same cost of broadband internet or WiMAX connections with a few times more speed and more data volumes.

Buy router to understand the type of work
Using a Wi-Fi router with an Internet connection is the way to use multiple users and multiple mobile phones and computers. There are various types of router in different types of markets. Your router will be chosen to work accordingly. High-end modern technology router that is not to be bought. Rather, instead of depending on what kind of work the router will be used for, you should choose.
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Keep in mind the Router band
Single, dual and tri-band are routers. Simply put, there are several bands that can be found in the router that number of networks. The use of single band router is more. It has a network of 2.4 GHz. Dual bands have 2.4 GHz as well as another 5 GHz network. The 5 GHz network can exchange data with high speed. But due to this high speed, it becomes difficult to get signal due to crossing the walls or big ones. Tri-band router has a 2.4 GHz and two 5 GHz networks. The purpose of having more than one network is to use high-speed instruments and comparatively lesser devices to exchange data without any problems. If you are thinking about the speed of the wireless network and simultaneously want to use more than 10 devices from the router, then you can buy tri-band router only. For the general use of home or small office, it is enough for a 2.4 GHz router.

Check out the wireless quality
There are several wireless values like 802.11 Dh, 802.11 n / m / h, 802.11 Dhap. If your computer has been bought within the last few years, it can be assumed that it will be connected to the 802.11H network. For nearly six years this network has been used more. The 802.11 Dump Network standard is released in recent times but still does not support the router's value on all devices. But if you plan to update your devices then you can buy 802.11 dust standard router. A router also has the option of adding the previous standard devices.

Portable router if you want
A portable router can also be used as well as a common router.
The router can also be used to add multiple devices simultaneously to WiMax internet connections such as Grameenphone, Banglalink, Robi Mobile Network operator 3G or QUBEE, Banglalion. PA portable router is available in different models that support different brands of 3G networks. With this type of router, a router can be activated using any mobile SIM card. Some telecommunication conglomerates again sell themselves such machines through their customer care centers.
If you want to use WiMAX internet through a portable router, this router will be purchased from a particular provider.
Again, the organization's router is not valid for other organizations. It should also be kept in mind.
A portable router can be used for full three-five hours in full charge. These routers are very useful to use on the go. It should be noted here that the places used are not covered by the network.


To know which router is used

  • When activating the router's Wi-Fi, the name of the router is mentioned as the default network and the password is also written in a sticker on the bottom of the router. The procedure can be used to look at the guidelines for use.
  • Wireless network names should be changed by connecting the first router. Also, the network password should be used as well. If you do not have the password, then anyone can join the router. This should never be done for personal use.
  • If you forget the router password, it can be reset or reset. Usually this task ,can be done by tapping a button next to the router.
  • Router should be kept in the middle of the house. This will allow you to easily connect to the router's Wi-Fi connection from other rooms.
  • Choose the router depending on the number of Wi-Fi connections you want to offer.
  • Multiple local area network connections are added to the router simultaneously. To add a large number of LAN connections, it should be seen when buying a router.

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