ADSactly Tech News: Fringe Science Replacements for Procreation and Death

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Adsactly Tech: Fringe Science Replacements for Procreation and Death.

Greetings to all my tech-savvy friends! I've finally found another worthy topic to write about.

Have you ever wondered what would happen to society if two people of the same gender were able to make a baby together?

Or what would happen if we could repair our cells and organs when we get older in the pursuit of living forever?

I know what you are thinking... Ok, he's lost it, I think we're just about finished here!

Wait just a second! I'm not asking this question as if it was impossible but rather, just the opposite. In the 21st century, researchers have been making massive progress in the understanding of cell biology and other disciplines including biorobotics, synthetic biology, and a relatively new field called bionanotechnology.

Throughout history, intercourse was an essential part of bringing new human life into the world. In order to make a baby it takes a sperm and an embryo. I think most of us are old enough to know that they don't just randomly meet by chance.

Due to this fact when the leaders of nations wanted to increase the speed of growth in their populations, they needed to find a better way to encourage gender relations between the opposite sexes.

Things have changed now, technology has proven it can replace older natural ways of conception with newer more artifical ways. Basically, the point I'm trying to make here is that intercourse is no longer necessary in order to conceive a child.

There have been many advances in science that have made things that used to be considered impossible now possible. Humanity can thank the Nobel prize winning work of researchers like embryologist John Gurdon and stem cell researcher Shinya Yamanaka.

These two award winning researchers found ways to create both sperm cells and eggs in the laboratory from skin cells.This has effectively eliminated the need for a human mother or father to kick off the reproductive process.

Now comes the hard question... Is that good or bad?

The fact of the matter is that the answer isn't up to debate. People need to simply accept the fact that it is now possible to create both sperm cells and eggs in the laboratory from skin cells.

At the end of April 2016, Stanford University and the Valencia Infertility Institute announced the result of a collaboration project in which human sperm, with tails, were created from skin cells.

Just five months later, testifying to the speed with which stem cell research is progressing, researchers at the University of Bath reported that they had discovered a method of creating offspring without the need for a female egg.

This was heralded as a major breakthrough which rewrites 200 years of biology teaching, and could pave the way, for example, for a baby to be born from the DNA of two men.

Ok, so lets just review some of these new developments briefly. Scientists now have the ability to create embryos and sperm from skin cells. Beyond that they also have the ability to make a human being without the need for an embryo. Is this starting to look like fringe science here or what?

Does anyone else find it fascinating and possibly a bit scary that it is now possible to create a baby from the DNA of two men?

Ok, so I've been discussing new technologies that are involved with procreation of human beings thus far. But what about people who just want to live forever, isn't this type of application still in the same ballpark?

The answer to the question is, yes, its a close cousin. To prove my point, in August 2017, Ohio State College of Engineering made an exciting announcement about progress they had made in “Tissue nanotransfection” (TNT for short) which allows injured or aging tissue to be repaired or restored, including blood vessels, nerve cells and entire organs.

If you've ever watched Star Trek you may have been amazed like I was at watching the doctors in the medbay magically heal cells and fix wounds with some sort of laser based medical device. This news is comparable to that with a few more steps that need to be taken from here to there.

According to my source, TNT technology is made of two components. The components include a nanotechnology-based chip designed to deliver cargo to adult cells in a live body and specific biological cargo for cell conversion.

They make it sound so easy! It is also worth mentioning that TNT doesn't need laboratory-based procedures in addition to being non-invasive (this means they don't have to cut you open, something a lot of people are usually quite afraid of).

“By using our novel nanochip technology, injured or compromised organs can be replaced. We have shown that skin is a fertile land where we can grow the elements of any organ that is declining,” writes the study’s co-lead, Dr. Chandan Sen, director of Ohio State’s Center for Regenerative Medicine & Cell Based Therapies.

We aren't too far away from these new Star-Trek like procedures becoming available it seems. Ohio researchers will be conducting clinical trials next year to test this technology in humans.

I'm hoping I've got your attention now and that you'd like to know more about how TNT works. Well I'm going to explain it to you either way...

In far less than a second TNT injects genetic code into the skin. This code changes a certain type of cells into different types of cells required for treating diseased conditions.

Think of this process as a sort of shapeshifting device for your cells. It simply makes one type of cell into another.

So lets review what we have learned here. Scientists are now able to create babies from the DNA of two men or two women. Scientists are closing in on the ability to repair damaged cells, organs or cure diseases simply by injecting genetic material into the patient. If this doesn't sound like fringe science, I don't know what would.

Given the phenomenal rate of discovery and progress that is taking place in the fields of cell biology and nanotechnology, it appears very likely we will see these technologies available and offered to consumers before the end of this century.

But this topic shouldn't be taken lightly. Of course, like most of the topics I decide to explore, there are many important ethical questions that relate to the use of genetic engineering as part of the process of creating babies.

Fortunately the scientific community has done good work posing many of these questions and attempting to find answers to them.
For example, Renuka Sivapatham, a graduate student at the University of Southern Denmark recently published an article about human genetic engineering.

In the article, she said that although DNA editing techniques have been available for decades and are crucial tools for understanding gene functions and molecular pathways, this subject is increasingly littered with controversy due to newer technologies that can quickly and efficiently modify genomes through introduction or genetically correcting mutations in human cells and animal models.

She went on to explain that genome editing technologies have come a long way and are now advancing towards mammalian models and clinical trials in humans.

Due to recent strides in the advancement of genetic editing technologies, she claims that these results force scientists to question the future and the implications of such powerful technology.

She left the following questions to be considered:

Should we accept the genetic engineering of human embryos? If yes, when and in what capacity should we accept it?

Working with the @adsactly community as a writer focused on technological issues has been very rewarding. I've found the community to be very strong in both critical thinking and communication skills and your feedback is vitally important to the society's expansion. So, with that in mind I'll leave you with this final question.

We are approaching an age where genetically modified clones and life extending gene therapies are increasingly possible. What do you think about all of this?

Please leave your thoughts and feedback below!

Thanks for reading.

Authored by: @techblogger

In-text citations source: An AI expert explains how robot-human offspring would work - Quartz

Image Sources:

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Like most things, I think there are pros and cons. The pros are that we can help live humans regain health (albeit rich humans) and it can certainly help health companies create a better way of life for people. The cons are that the power lies in the wrong hands. It will only help the rich and rich elites, and that’s who it’s for because it’s the elites who are trying to cull the world population, while trying to elongate their own lives. In doing so they are creating a Frankenstein by ostracising factions of societies. Just like they’re trying to do with this TNT method.

Agreed. Unless we can bring about a revolution of thinking, greed and selfishness will continue to dominate over kindness and love for fellow human beings. There is a lot of work to be done on this planet and discussions about the type of world we would like to live in and how to bring it about should be held regularly. Beyond that based on a roadmap for a better future we must act upon it! Thanks for your thoughts @mojorisin!

stop it

Genetics are being used more and more now in combination with technology and we will be seeing more ease in life. I hope we get the positive of technologies more than the negatives

Well I'm not sure I agree with your prediction of easier lives but certainly we will see an enormous amount of change in our lifetimes. I also hope that human beings will use and develop new technologies that help us as a species rather than as a means to our eventual destruction. Lets be positive!

Yeah that is what I am saying. To be positive. We already have genetic engineering for human benefits. The crop productions have increased exponentially and the circle of life can never be started without food. Genetic Engineering is being used and will be used to eliminate certain genes that will eliminate heredity diseases.

Yes. I understand your point. There is a lot to be thankful for when it comes to technology as well. It has saved lives, increased lifespans and many would argue that it has also increased quality of life. I personally detest large agrobusiness, companies like Monsanto who want to own and control humanity's food production through the use of proprietary seeds that must be purchased each and every crop cycle. There will be companies that try to enslave us with technology but that simply requires us to be more clever than they are in recognizing which technologies provide a true benefit to us and which may cause harm. I appreciate your contribution and comments here. Thanks @cryptokraze

Nice,i'm disagreeing wirh the suggestion of good lives but obviously we will see some amount of changes in our life time.i'm also willing that human will develop new ages of technologies that will help us to our final stages ,we have to be positive with this,and will be use as elimination of genetic heredity caN also upvotes and comment in my posts @horlly..

I agree your with


I hope so too. There is so much that can be done with this

This was really informative. Crazy to think where science has come and how far it has to go. Thanks for your post

Interesting, we are already on a path to longer lives, it is evident in the life expectancy which has now increased on average from 40 to 80. I think in the next 20 years or so we would probably be looking at life expectancy to be 120, due to advances in technology etc.

Then the concept of a lot of things the human species held sacred and even belief would be challenged, such as marriage as an example. The scientific modification of manufacturing as such of an actual human being I think steps outside of what I deem to be a safe place, and I would caution to say that we are not "Person Nature" and should be careful when treading on such matters of utmost and delicate importance to our entire existence.

Everywhere that we as humans have encroached on what is natural, we have managed to mess up in royal proportion.

So all I can say, personally, is be very careful where we tread. we may end up doing something so irreversible that would ultimately lead to our total destruction.

Just my 2 cents.

stay blessed.

"Everywhere that we as humans have encroached on what is natural, we have manged to mess up in royal proportion."
I like the way you put it there.

Thank you, could go on forever on topics such as these, had to reign it in a tad.

It is now possible to store source code in DNA.
There are roses that can be used as a batteries or Capacitors.
Artificial leaf have been around for quite a while now.

So forget about BioMetrics,
The next Steemit hard wallet will be stored into one's DNA.
Singularity (technical advancement) and rising crypto coin prices come to mind.

So next year for X-mas, I'd like to get;
-A few wings
-Lungs that allow me to breath underwater
-Some extra arms
-Some extra brainpower
-Sonar, as bats have.
-A spare heart, (backup, as in a fail-over cluster)

Any other suggestions please let me know...

can make sperm or egg cells just from skin cells? WOW!

This is funny! Definitely worth a vote for the laugh!

funny photo

The only thing that is guaranteed is that the future is going to be a weird place.
I am not ready to give up on sex thats for sure!
I am hoping genetic medicines come fast, I have a Kidney issue that sure would be awesome to fix (and fix my kids before they are born).
Thanks for the article

I am sorry to hear that. I have faith that this new emerging field will find a cure within a few more years at most. You are living proof that there are good and worthy applications for this new technology. Take care.

Thanks. I am not sick yet so its all about nutrition and staying fit from here on out.

Nice interesting post there buddy. I'm pretty sure the church will argue about it again if that happens :)

I'm pretty sure you are right!

You mean they will see it as altering the natural process? We'll thy shouldn't have a problem with that as long as it's for a greater good. A lot of problems are not to be left to time and chance especially when it has to do with life

Technology has really helped human race and the more we explore the world of technology the more it becomes better.
My fear is the fact that some people keep taking this advantage to use this against human race. I am sure with genetic engineering there should be cure to so many terminal diseases yet I want to believe the people working tiredness to make this a reality are being frustrated by those who rule the technology world. Let us all imagine if science and technology can evict death from our world, the oppression alone will be worse in this world.
All the same science and technology has really been a blessing to our world

Nice article. But science still has to depend on sperm and egg to bring about conception, it will never be able to create these reactants. I beg to disagree that artificial means can be said to be a better way of conception.

Both can be made from a skin cell. Scientists have already accomplished what you speak of. In regard to your opinion on artificial vs natural conception I tend to agree with you that I think it should be done the way nature intended unless for some reason its not possible.

Yea if there are constraints in the natural way, the artificial process should be a remedy, to some it might be seen as a matter of choice

Not sure if this is what you meant about it not being possible, but what about for 2 men or 2 women who want to start a family that represents them? Yes they can use a donor but wouldn't this new technology provide a better way for them to have a representative child?

Now comes the funny part. Is our artificial mother as rigid, thought-out and constant as nature. I won't have private companies edit my kids genes, I am not that afraid of myself, I know how to make a capable version of myself. I bet you can even genetically modify DNA that produces automatic 24/7 Daycare, I swear...

Great post ;)

Just hope that the FDA doesn't slow down the practical application of TNT while others move past us

I like this work, thank you. (rabbit at the photo is cute)

oh, my god! that seems like too much science in one place. I think this change in technology has been accepted worldwide, may be a few people would talk about it in open group talks but yes everybody would agree that they know of it. technology has advanced to a different level in the current generation and it will take us places in the coming future.
a well written knowledgeable post @adsactly

Very interesting post, I would really like to see original research paper references about creating embryos and sperm from skin cells, because if true, it's a significant scientific discovery! If we hypothesize that in the future two men/two women will be able to have an offspring, I would just like to point this biological fact out - since men produce spermatozoids that carry X as well as those who are Y chromosome carriers, two men could have both boy and girl; however, women produce only X chromosome eggs, which means that two women could only have daughters :)

@adsactly, great job! This post definitely got my attention. Being part of the LGBTQ community, it is absolutely a great discovery for same sex couples to be able to conceive a child without the opposite gender. You've definitely opened up a discussion about endless possibilities related to gene technology.

Our African ancestors, told our shamans that we humans were indeed created in a similar fashion. The Gods needed a slave species to mine gold, and we just happen to fit the bill. This is nothing new, theres been ancient civilization who practiced such. Consider this a rediscovery...

I can add the view of Judaism:
The world was created for us to work on and improve, we get "raw materials" and we are commanded to use them and make better, more sophisticated things with them. so the basic answer to such a question will be: Yes' given the chance to repair DNA damage and "fix" heredity defects - we MUST act and use whatever technologies science allows us.
But! on top of that, there are many more points to consider - don't we need to be wary of a snow-ball effect that will escalate to people choosing the "perfect child" in a "child generation store", or will the rich only have access to those services? is there a red line? will we change eye color, height etc... in order with the parents fancy - say, if they want their child to be a basketball player, should we allow them make him genetically inherited high? isn't it like forcing the child to become something he might just don't want?

Be sure - the train leaved the station already - as a Med student I can tell you experiments in this topic are going full steam in laboratories all over the world, including my campus.

but still - this is a question that will need a committee philosophers, scientists, ethic professionals, religious leaders and probably more I can't recall right now, the technology exists and advances - but implementing it to humans in a big scale will need authorities from governments and that's where such committees can enter the game.

Thanks for sharing this amazing technology with us. U r fantastic

I would like to comment on two facts: 1. I think the scholars have been inspired primarily by SF literature and films. 2. These findings will not be accessible to everyone. We will reach the societies imagined in SF, unfortunately.

Yes that may be true. I hope not but its more than possible that we will find a larger divide between the genetically superior and the genetically inferior. Hoping we can come together and stop that from happening. That's why I'm writing for @adsactly!

Well, hoping! We hope all the time.

Yes you are right about that. We must do more than hope! We must act.

Woah, we have gone way waayy too far now. Such technology feels so unnatural. I hope the positives outweigh the negatives.

Wow...great post thanks for sharing that with us technology has gone so far that world can do without it.

"Should we accept the genetic engineering of human embryos?" If yes, when and in what capacity should we accept it?"

I don't think it wise when science interfere with God's original creation of humans

Science replacements should be limited.

unbelievable!!! The revolution in gene editing technologies is making it easier to change genetic material with huge potential benefits in many sectors including healthcare, agriculture and conservation.

People are often quick to point out the negatives of new technology, and while there are negatives, breakthroughs like these can be lifechanging. I can't wait to see what the future brings

I really like this post you share this ,,,,

As a scientist, I do agree with 'the advancement of genetic editing technologies'. But I don't want to abuse it for the personal desire

wow thats the medical science in the future...very informative is so fast right now..the development of more ideas how to create new cells and other science


follow back!okay...

Of Course Aging Is Inevitable – But Feeling Young, Looking Young – Being Strong, And Living A Superb Quality Of Life CAN Be Achieved – Through Cellular Re-Generation.

Thanks for sharing @adsactly

Exceptional photography and excellent article about …

upvote and resteem

for the time being i like the old ways hahah

The development of science is remarkable. But if to change human nature, then it will be a bad science. Science and technology do need to be developed, but not to cause harm. Why not be careful and develop about other things only. Why should be examined related to it?

Muito interessante essa postagem!

La tecnologia genetica nos llevara a conseguir avances para lograr controlar y acabar con muchas enfermedades. Pero cuidado pueden desatar algunas mas con las pruebas en humanos trae pros y contras.

Wow ....
Good information
Thanks for sharing friend

please stop spamming. it's horrible. this is not what steemit is about!

Over the past few generations, expectations of comfort, cleanliness and convenience have altered radically, but these dramatic changes have largely gone unnoticed. This intriguing book brings together the sociology of consumption and technology to investigate the evolution of these changes, as well the social meaning of the practices themselves.. #adsactly

This is fascinating. I was actually having a conversation about this the other day!

Fringe science is ethical as long as it is use to better health of people.We pray that Africa leader will invest heavily to science research instead of hoarding billions of dollars in their foreign account.Beside they would even want to use TNT for their selves to remain young and immortal.. Please Scientist. When TNT see light of the day let no corrupt Africa leader benefit from it, because they will only kill some lives only for them to live longer.

Wow. It's actually very possible for such procreation to take place, I believe we will one day get there (I.e, if we're not there already. Well done on your post

Let's hear it for science!

Clone armies and AI drones on the front lines.

All of the wonders of science cannot help those that have no influence or power. These fantastic discoveries may as well be nonexistent as they are meaningless to the commoner. We are smart enough to do the research, the testing, become a statistic, but it is unlikely that any of this technology will ever reach the masses. We can only dream. Thanks for a great read.

I think we need to learn more about cells and genetics before we start the process. it's may affect human lives for bad, or for good.

Thanks a lot for sharing this content

This is ended an issue to discuss about. On my side, I do not agree with this new reproductive technology. I know researchers have done great work in this 21st century. On issues concerning human beings I think there should be some limits cause in me I believe in Christian principles but also I think this method has more disadvantages than advantages.

Just my view.

follow me and upvote me please

Thanks . I always feel smarter after reading your posts. Please keep sharing your thoughts. interesting post

Great post you got here @adsactly

The last point that science has come to is amazing.. In my opinion the more development in science the more horrorful it will be for the the future nothing will be the same as the past days... thanks for sharing this good idea

It is beautiful, thank you so much :)

Nice post I have to learn from you @adsactly

This is absolutely amazing! Technology has really outdone itself. It's truly amazing what we can achieve in today's highly technologically advanced world.

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Science every day does not stop surprising us, and even more genetics is wonderful this post.

this is really informative post dear. carry on <3

He can now give up experiments on these mice. if a new method is found without harming the living.

Amazing thanks for sharing. I always read your post i learn alot. Thank you! Have a nice day

This makes me feel like a lot can be done sithout screwing my wife...

But on a lighter mood...
If I won't be hitting my wife hard to make that baby... Then there is no other way we are making our babies.. 😒😒😒😒😒😒

''Or what would happen if we could repair our cells and organs when we get older in the pursuit of living forever?''

it would be great :)

With the genome editing techniques, are we on its way to produce superhuman?

waow very cute.
thanks for nice info.

Hi found this very educative. Imagine what the world would be with that.

You can also check this out. Science is going to another level. I hope we see more positive than its negative part

thats called the Future of science

genetics develops very strongly. The wall of centuries-old morality is destroyed and continues to collapse (same-sex marriages). In my country same-sex marriages are extremely unfriendly and people are aggressive towards such people.
but we must look positively at the possible things that genetic engineering can teach us and we will see that behind these opportunities lies the progress.
thanks, the article is interesting

Sexual morale in society is not destroyed by technology, maybe the internet, but the main reason usually is a big state, with big taxes and big social programs ^^

Science make future critical ...., because there is many negatives aspect than positive 😊

Woooow! Very excellent. Keep it up.

Nice post. Thanks for sharing, you have enlightened the steemians a great deal. I upvote you.

excelente :) i am Venezuela

Nice interesting post there buddy. check out my posts

Your posts are good. very beneficial for those who see your blog. sorry I can not vote you. my powor steam is crumbling. this is the love of recovery phase. if there is a solution of lamu please in love solution.



great content, too much informative. Hats off author you described better than anyone and solved my few questions. Thanks in the end

The information is amazing @adsactly

Thats a great post,,
i am a big #fan of you,,

keep it up,,
i always #support you..ok

Thank you @adsactly

Just because something can be done, it doesn't necessarily mean it should.

Really Amazing Article...

I can't wait for our brains to be downloaded so we can live forever muahhahahah!

Glad I came through this interesting topic. If a child were born by genetic engineering, it is always brings up my curiosity on:

  1. How would they deal with the child's psychology/feeling of being historically different than other human.
  2. Would they be able to create the quality of the babies?

Just a thought of a mom.

Technology is constantly evolving sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. We must learn to put technology to good use.

every research will be done to prevent mankind from disease outbreaks, various kinds of research will be done by experts of science who have become experts in each field, my praise to the person who examines such things is very beneficial to others, thank you very much

Nice information but worlds scientist stll depends on sperms and egg shals
For reproduction but sometimes i think if the human and other animal cross-breed together what will happen please write about this topic you are a great writer

It also helps improve our animal food source.Nice post

Wow great future technology where we get wot we need 😜

Very interesting article.
It is absolutely fascinating how science develops so fast. In todays articles we can read about something we thought was possible only in SF movies :D

With science, a lot of discoveries and breakthrough are still coming up daily.

I keep telling people not to doubt what the advances in science will bring to humanity, positive and negative.

I'm so glad that most of the advances and discoveries are taking place in my generation.

Above all, I pray that the cure for cancer and other deadly diseases will be discovered soon.

Humanity will be much more better I believe.

Thanks for sharing this article with us. I really appreciate it

wow, i'm amazed. No more sex ?