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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Distinguishing Futuristic Media

The future is bright for both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality alike, but with so much common ground it comes natural for some confusion to arise between the terms. What exactly defines AR and VR? And what about this new concept everyone is talking about – MR? Throughout this post, I'm going to look at what the concepts represent and how to distinguish between these exciting new forms of media. In the end, I will try to tell you how I think the future will be and how MR, AR and VR are used along with cryptocurrencies to create a brand new "lifestyle" we will one day consider to be the standard.


Virtual Reality: Simulated Multimedia

Virtual Reality (VR) can be defined as an immersive simulation generated by computer simulation or multimedia that replicates or creates an environment, simulating the users’ presence in it and giving them the chance to interact with the simulated world around them. We usually use the term VR to describe every immersive experience, being it resorting to computer simulated content, real world content or a mix of both styles. There are a lot of new devices that allow you to experience VR, and the excitement of the market is palpable. Brands like Google, HTC, Sony and others jump on the bandwagon as they launch their HMDs (also known as Head Mounted Displays) and compete for a slice of this new emerging market.


“Fake” VR: 360º Video

“Fake” VR got this nickname for being called VR when in reality it doesn’t fulfill the requirements to be categorized in the stratus we defined on the previous paragraph. This concept, 350º Video, consists of immersive clips of the real world, and while each direction is recorded, the one the user views during playback is whatever direction he is staring at. This new media is an immersive experience indeed, but it uses pre-filmed content with no interaction other than controling the POV (Point-of-view). This means that the user doesn’t interact with the world.


CG-VR: Computer Generated Virtual Reality

VR can be considered a generalistic term that encompasses a lot of smaller concepts, one of these being CG VR. This type of content isn’t natural, being completely computer generated as the name so implies. I thought it was important to mention this category because some experts and industry leaders argue that it can be interchangeable with the term of 360º video, simply because most of it is pre-rendered non-reactive. This takes interactivity out of the question. On the other hand, there are plenty of CG-VR projects that allow the user to interact with his surroundings, so there’s a debate going on about this media’s categorization.


Augmented Reality: A Direct View

AR, or Augmented Reality, is the existence of a real world environment with added (or augmented) elements though computer generated input. What this means is that you’re talking about AR when you get sound, graphics, video and other kinds of media added to your layer of reality. If you’re looking to your cellphone and a GUI Pops out of nowhere telling you about its battery level, then that is Augmented Reality. This is one of the most exciting areas of the future of AR, VR, MR, simply because it offers the potential to revolutionize all of the world’s industries. Imagine a mechanic using it to spot faulty parts or you not having to ask for his help because AR tells you how to replace that same part yourself

Mixed Reality: A Mix of Both Worlds

Finally, the last concept to approach is MR. MR is simply “Mixed Reality” and encompasses a mix of any of these elements. This is probably the future as I can see a lot of ways for all of them to play out together, using the advantages of all media while trying to hide away the inherent flaws of those as well. In the end, I think this is the area that will have the most potential because of that, and companies who invest in this technology early will create a new wave of millionaires, just like the Internet and now Crypto did. What we now consider to be science fiction is but a premonition on what will come to pass, as it is always, but what exactly does the future hold for this emerging industry?


The Future of AR, VR and MR:

When I think of the future in this exciting new technology niche, I see it more and more as an added layer on everyday life and less as a simple technological sector. One will go through their daily routines constantly in touch with VR simulations, AR GUIs and Mixed Reality interfaces. You walk down the street enjoying a cup of coffee and tapping a mixed reality interface only you can see and handle. The transactions world will also be overhauled by this technology, and I can picture a world in which you seamlessly transfer crypto from one of those HUDs to another. The future seems bright to me.

In conclusion, I think we are walking towards an age that will rely heavilly on these technologies, especially those who operate under the category of Mixed Reality do to reasons described above. On the other hand, there are still a lot of skeptics that aren't as optimistic as I am, and claim VR and AR are areas that will never take off. So what is your opinion? Do you think we’re on our way to a major breakthrough anytime soon? Finally, do you see a way cryptocurrencies can thrive with all of this? Let us know in the comments below.

Authored by @spiritualmax

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Really wonderful what I got into the technology. To a certain extent, we are not much impressed by a new innovation
Awesome .. Thanks for sharing

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I must tell you that kids are becoming crazy for VR stuff. VR gadgets are taking a big part of computer market. I work in school so I hear lots of stuff about VR gadgets from kids. There is a one student that talks about 'Oculus Rift' and Palmer Luckey (inventor) all the time. This kid wants to be just like this guy Luckey who created 'Oculus Rift' when being 19 years of age and sold it to Facebook for 2 billions of US$. Money is everything even for kids. This kid also told me that first VR game console was called 'Virtual Boy' with some tennis game. VR is a future technology and there is a lots space for improvements. There is only one question that we should ask ourselves: How good is this for our mental health? I guess everything is good or great in small doses. Do you agree with me? :)

Yeap, absolutely.
In fact, virtual boy was great, I know it myself. The fact that the kid knows it just shows the potential power VR and AR have to revolutionize the lives of countless people from old but mainly new generations!

Just to begin - I would recommend reading some about the company "magic leap" they are a pretty mysterious company that has some top notch investors and released their first un secret product recently. They might just be the ones to bring the next breakthrough with their technology, their recent product isn't good enough though, but the technology is there and with time they may become really outstanding.

I would like to give my opinion from a more thoughtful approach and a little less techy one:
I prefer augmented reality, and preferably one that doesn't capture the world and deliver it to the wearer as a picture on the device's screen with added objects but actually let's you see the world and let's people see your eyes.
why? Well - because I fear a world when people lose contact with each other and become enslaved to machines- we could see uprising against this phenomenon when people actually tore down Google glasses off people's faces when they was released to the market. I don't think it will happen today as people got used but the idea is the same- this is a technology which is awesome and helpful and inevitable. But it should come as another layer on top of the world's and not replace it.
In that way we will be able to keep our humanity and real world social contacts whole enjoying the best technology can offer us.

I think that regarding crypto- we might imagine an implamantation of payment methods in this decides that will incorporate crypto support - the people buying such devices want to have new and revolutionary technology so they might just embrace it as a part of the whole ecosystem and so the idea will sip though to broader parts of society with time and wider adoption of the VR/AR Etc...

Thanks for that informative and interesting post!


That's a good read.
Yeah it will still take some years to really get to the age where all of this becomes an intrinsic part of society, but we're enjoying a good start.

Thank you for the insightful comment!

You are most welcome! I am a member of your society and try to read as much and comment if I have anything smart to say :)

I agreed with your detailed article and I have some addition in that,
Video games have been entertaining us for nearly 30 years, ever since Pong was introduced to arcades in the early 1970s. Computer graphics have become much more sophisticated since then, and game graphics are pushing the barriers of photorealism. Now, researchers and engineers are pulling graphics out of your television screen or computer display and integrating them into real-world environments. This new technology, called augmented reality, blurs the line between what's real and what's computer-generated by enhancing what we see, hear, feel and smell.
On the spectrum between virtual reality, which creates immersive, computer-generated environments, and the real world, augmented reality is closer to the real world. Augmented reality adds graphics, sounds, haptic feedback and smell to the natural world as it exists. Both video games and cell phones are driving the development of augmented reality. Everyone from tourists, to soldiers, to someone looking for the closest subway stop can now benefit from the ability to place computer-generated graphics in their field of vision.

Yeah, that's why I thought it was pertinent to discuss AR as well!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are both related but different. This is because these two terminologies often come in the same discussion and are often confused with one another by less informed.
Nonetheless, the difference is major and worth explaining.

Virtual Reality is immersive:

The headsets must, by necessity, block out the external world. Putting one on is tricky enough to ensure that glancing away, as one might do when watching television, is not really possible. The first wave of applications, therefore, are in video games and films, where users (the companies hope) will prove willing to lock themselves into their virtual worlds.

Augmented Reality, by design, maintains its users' connection with the real world:

This means that a headset is not necessary. Many existing smartphone apps also make use of AR. Word Lens, for instance, translates between languages by looking at the world through a smartphone camera, recognising text, and then presenting the user with a real-time image in which that text has been replaced by its equivalent in another language.

Thats indeed awesome the virtuel reality..
Lets upvote men, steem for life...

I can show you VR, if you want to see an into to Steemit in Oculus Home..

Thanks for your contribution to the discussion :D

Great bro keep it up

Awesome post @spiritualmax
So many points you made there. Thumbs up.
For me, i believe in the future of VR. The future of VR will lead to the following things:
More people finding it more acceptable to pay $8.99 MORE often for apps
Online interaction on a higher level for work conferences and online hangouts (doing a webinar In a virtual conference room and seeing your bosses avatar or face even nodding) -omg Social on samsung vr is AMAZING and reminds me of an AOL chat room
Office spaces reduced to shared work spaces or even employees working from home more often. Your cube is in the cloud in virtual reality
More interest in games from non-gamers

Ir onically, more interaction between friends and family thanks to games like Keeping Talking and Nobody Dies, then one household only needs one headset

I can't remember what movie it was but it was back in the nineties and it was about some dude who was investigating videos from someone's memories using a virtual reality headset of some sort. Imagine being able to relive a moment with a friend or special someone who no longer is there and being able to experience it again as if you were there. Having the ability to record it
Taking online classes virtually as if you were in a classroom taking long distance education to a higher plane, hopefully it means more Open University. Stanford in India? Sure why not

Even better work life balance because you can work from home thanks to vr.
To be precise, VR has no future. Instead, "VR IS THE FUTURE, infact VR is not future but it is happening right now ".😂😂
I love this society @adsactly. Thanks for the invite @velimir

Dude, the magic of all of this... doesn't it make you just shiver in antecipation for everything that is to come? By the way, I'm glad you liked the article mate!

This is indeed a great article.

While its true that the future IS bright for both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, we should also keep in mind the risks. One needs look no farther than the power that social media sites, such as Facebook, have to monitor, influence and shape perception already to understand the potential dangers of this technology. Not only will Facebook (through its VR tech Oculus Rift) have the power to create a profile of you through your messages, contacts, photos, and user activity (like they do today), but they will now have access to your biometric information, physical movements, the layout of your homes, and everything you see and experience through the VR interface - not to mention direct access to your very brainwaves. They will also have the power to influence you through the immersive VR experience that they will fully control. Given how deep their influence is now, its frightening to think about how total their (and, by extension, other actors like the government) control could (will?) be once VR becomes ubiquitous.

Certainly we should all be excited about these emerging technologies, but we should keep in mind that the potential for negative outcomes is just as real as the potential for positive ones.

Go ahead. Make my day.


I want to say a few words about the virtual reality and its prospects for development.
I believe that the virtual realities and all ways of using vitreal reality are huge development prospects. The computer games market is growing and it is liquidated as an asset bringing in big money.
With our glas we see how with each passing day technologies are changing and how these technologies change people. The same can be said about the integration of the Vision of reality and the neuromuscular interface - which will create a truly revolutionary technology capable of changing the world.
Imagine when you are wearing virtual reality glasses - you are transported to another world, at least so you are deceiving your brain. But imagine that dressing glasses of virtual reality - your brain signaling, will fully interact with the surrounding virtual world. It seems fantastic, but today there are similar technologies that are constantly improving.
It is to change the world, unequivocally, but there are also negative sides - dependence and refusal of reality. And in some cases, the loss of reality.
It will change the world - but how to change, time will tell!
Movie matrix still seems to you fiction?

Hohoooo my friend, you find another article of mine, this time in different hands :) Glad to see you commenting around here mate!

Hi~ nice good post

Thanks for the clarification, it is indeed a bit difficult to differentiate between the two most times, one thing is clear though, they are both going to disrupt industries.

Augmented Reality is probably easier to implement especially in the video game and porn industries .

Really cool post. VR is still such an interesting software. Aside from vertigo and other side effects I do like the aspect of physical movement. It gets people moving and I think that is awesome. Usually they're sitting, like I am right now typing this, so getting their heart rate going is A-ok with me! Thanks for this post!

it's good!

VR and AR is real or just computer generated something.

The funny thing is the big bosses at the largest banks are feeling the heat and are feeling that their existence is definitely being threatened with extinction like you said. Jamie Dimon bashed bitcoin and cryptocurriencies swiftly, yet prematurely and without much thought. He has since walked back his comments about bitcoin being a fraud and I found it quite funny that a quick screenshot that went viral showed about 75 positions at JP Morgan Chase Bank actually have BLOCKCHAIN in their job title. Jamie Dimon and others will adopt it and embrace it or lose their business altogether. They have no choice and they know it.

Very nice post mister

Great article, actually I didn't know the term (MR), but I got it now.

I think future is MR. but how this will effect either positive or negetive to cryptocurrencies? I don't think.

# Future of Collaboration With Hololens, Augmented Reality vs Mixed Reality

Great post.
I'm really looking forward to the moment when it all becomes true.
The idea of play a video game that makes me feel like i'm really inside of it, is really exciting. And it can have other uses, like watch a live show of an artist from a different place and feel like you are there.
Upvoted and reestemed.

Wow! I love this article, is very informative and educating.
As a newbie, am really glad to be on steemit.
Am so much interested in the augmented reality part.

@adsactly It is an excellent post, blessings and prosperity

In the recent period, virtual reality is quite popular. For this reason, undoubtedly, the virtual reality glasses, which will be developed as projects for a long time, are presented to the market with consumer versions. The launch of the Oculus Rift is driven by HTC Vive's excitement and, of course, virtual reality technologies, which are finally getting hot with the introduction of the PlayStation VR, while HoloLens is heading for a different lane under the Microsoft roof. The common point of all of the products we are talking about is, of course, taking us to the world of virtual reality. @adsactly

Close your mouth

The point of virtual technology today is not only the ability to perceive images, but also the ability to intervene at the same time, and the reactions to be instantly observed. We can show examples of games that have been developed. It will be very exciting to be a successor to your battle hero with a computer, keyboard and mouse, to experience the atmosphere of the conflicts and to see the mounds flying around you..

I've been into VR for a while here are some good resources if anyone wants to dive further:

I have seen several prototypes and it assures me we will see mass adoption in time. The higher resolution headsets are amazing, as well some of the experimental controller prototypes.

Not to mention there is massive adoption among the triple AAA game developers like Bethesda

Plus, now with the wireless headsets:

VR is really, really snowballing. Having been following VR for two years I can assure you - this technology is blowing up. With wireless headsets out, and with things like the Omni:

The sky is the limit!

The only thing I don't know is how Crypto will fit into all this.

VR is going to be huge. It's the internet's wings.

It fun for old school VR folks, like ourselves, to witness the new people coming in.. just like crytpo. Ready Player One is going to be the turn on to VR for Summer 2018! #VR is set to explode in popular usage.

Hello @adsactly, I am planning to buy a VR, but I couldnt decide which one to buy? Can you recommend any of them please??

giphy (1).gif

An interesting comment, but it is more profitable to start a new day every day;)

Hey people of VR

There is this amazing anime called

where at the year of 2022
The nerve gear was invented, the nerve gear is a headgear that you can use to play virtual reality with the way this function is through
micro-waves which forces the player to fall asleep and the nerve-gear CPU connects the player into the game.

whenever the player sees or touches anything its actually a projection of the game into his head through waves sent to his brain by the nerve gear..

So what would happen is you on your bed sleeping while playing game, it would feel like your inside the game and with the thrill of experiencing it without the of hours screen light

I highly recommend you to watch the anime if your a fan of VR


here is the link

it consist of 25-episode's and a season 2 which alsoo consist of 24-episode's

indeed the only world that leaves one relaxed .

VR is an amazing tech

Good post

Dunno if somebody already mentioned it or if I'm just misunderstanding, but from my understandings so far, this sentence isn't fully correct:

"If you’re looking to your cellphone and a GUI Pops out of nowhere telling you about its battery level, then that is Augmented Reality. "

just to get this right, you're saying that a simple pop up window on your phone is already AR? I've always thought that AR involves expanding the reality, for example through the camera of your phone, or drawing lines that provide information on a picture of the real world (doesn't have to be a real-time picture with the camera).

But just a simple pop up for the battery level like we all know cause it happens on all of our phones, is not what augmented reality is, because where is the "reality" part of this? Or am I missing some point?

Don't want to say that you're wrong, just want to make sure to understand it correctly :)

Yes, i can definitely see how crypto-currency would survive in a world that would be immersed in this technology.

What an amazing tech

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great post cheers

Great story

VR worries me! People are so attached to there phones now. When VR is widespread, we might not see many people in the


I listen about adsactly from my teacher that adsactly is very amazing community on steemit which help peoples to break barrier such as they halp for education that is so nice and thanks for this kindnesses


es el mundo de la tecnología, q ya estamos viviendo

nice sharing.

I'm a big fan of virtual reality, I got a VR box for games few years ago. How does one get to write for Adsactly?

Virtual reality is a good technology , but i dont thonk its gonna be widely adopted anytime soon, why? because , unlike watching video or playing games on phone, u cant use vr luke that, u need to get your eyes covered which means u can only operate it in your house , u cant take it outside, unless u want to be crushed by a van 😂😂😂😂

VR tecnologia de punta wuaoo m encanta. mucha difinicion. los humanos nos adaptamos a todos m gusta tu trabajo @adsactly saludo

Resteem your post good work thanks for sharing

thanks for content

Does VR and AR really affects our brain ?

The future I must say is now with the Advent of VR AR CG-AR and the rest believe me the best is yet to come as we will see a major development on the various realities

Thanks for sharing!

Yes it will be wild once we get into these things. We sometimes forget that we are already in a place that is very much like an augmented reality. We just have to take our phone and have somewhat of an augmented reality.

Definitely virtual reality will change everything. And might not even have the urge to travel or see new places anymore. I don't see many people using it right now and the experience I had so far, for example getting to know new cars in virtual reality were somewhat realistic but will not deceive you. So there is still some miles to go.

I wonder what it will do to places like steemit though. We might connect even more easily and get interesting insights into other peoples' lives.


just love virtual reality. It gives great pleasure to me
I will buy one like this in picture and will watch 3d movies over it

Virtual Reality just shows how far technology has come. It can only be described with one word "amazing"

Thank you so much for this nice post

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Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

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Good argument for the post, awesome, i like everything you write.

This is what we were looking for.... thanks bro

Hello Every One ?anybody help me ?? how to transfer steem dollar in local bank account ?

It can't happen quickly enough.

With as many idiots killed every day taking selfies or getting hit by cars while texting, VR, AR, MR and whatever other alternatives we have to actual "R", should begin culling the human population nicely.

With the advancement in technology AR and VR are the future in mobile gaming! Thank you @adsactly!
Voted for you in witness @adsactly!

Thank you on behalf of our society! :)

You're most welcome! :)

Ready vote for witness @adsactly
I would like that in exchange for support for the witness vote, vote for my publication in which I represent my country in a contest! thank you very much!

GREAT post! I posted a virtual look, at Steemit and DTube in VR, yesterday. I met with success! It's going to be a wonderful future! Check it out

Good job.

Imagine if you will be able to have a wireless connection of your VR gear to your phone and then use special gloves with a holographic interface keyboard. It will be soon in the future. It is not that long until the time comes. I can't wait to see what technologies future will bring us.

It's so amazing, and thanks for letting us discuss all this stuff.

Great post and thanks for giving such good descriptions for AR , VR and MR. These new technologies are amazing, i recently purchased a VR headset and the overall experience was very impressive. I can see these new technologies having a huge impact on our daily lives in the very near future, affecting everything from the workplace to leisure time. Thanks for sharing.

This Technology is Amazing.

AR and VR are definitely going to become more mainstream. Excellent post that provides so much valuable information.
Upvoted and Resteemed to share this good blog with more Steemians....

Good educational information should be shared so your post has been Upvoted and Resteemed. Hope more people get to read your blog.

This is an impressive discourse on the current reality of AR, VR and MR. Truth is that this new technologies have much to offer and I personally believe that sooner than we think they will begin to make even greater impact than it is right now. I do not align with skeptics who think there's no future for the technologies. After all, when blockchain tech made its first major breakthrough in bitcoin in 2009 the world did not only not pay attention but people laughed in scorn. Today the world knows better.

Similarly, these technologies will not only take off but will definitely explode and positively impact and enhance our 'real reality', which includes the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

la diferencia entre realidad virtual y realidad aumentada en la resolucion del video no deberia de ser tan grande

Vote @spiritualmax as Witness

Excellent post, very interesting summary
I want to jump to the future, 20 years ahead,
See which technologies they use,
After that return with insights into the present and jealous

wow, I wonder if permaculturists could design with this technology their permaculture designs?

As in, Nigga!!! you re too much

very good information, thanks for informing us

Three people were trapped on a desert island to find a magic lantern has a genie, grant them one wish each. First guy wanting him off the island and back home. The second person so desires. A third said: "I was lonely. I want my friends back here. "I really liked it then.


I managed to try those virtual reality glasses and they are great, totally addictive

This post reminds me of my Actionscript 3.0 days when I was experimenting with Augmented Reality by using a web-cam, in Adobe Flash. Then Steve Jobs killed Adobe Flash.