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Initial goal of telecommunication was mobility and global connectivity, but as the technology evolved the services started expanding.



  • Reduction in delays
  • Spectral efficiency improvement
  • Reduction mobile power consumption
  • Multicarrier technology
  • MIMO
  • Radio interface using packet switching
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    Thanks for the great article mate

    you r welcome broo ;)

    My pleasure :D

    every day a new information thanks a lot ,hope you tel us about the difference between the 4g+ and the upcoming new technology 5g :)

    Yes i would like to know also about the difference between those two

    You can find the answer of this question in this post :) :

    thanks I will check it now

    Thank you @skylove1 for your interaction and of course I will talk about these technologies in the upcoming posts .. Stay tuned ;)

    Thank you @chavacrypto :)

    @abix thanks for the information about communication system. do you think 7G system comming very soon?

    It depends on the country and other parameters .. We will talk about this for sure in the next episodes of techtalk .. Don't worry and thank you for your interaction

    Good technology thanks for sharing

    Gladly @honeybawa3

    did you now Intruder alarm system in Satel programming information?

    Good idea, we can talk about alarm systems in the next posts .. In this serie I mentioned just communication standards organizations :)

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