Dance with Me

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image: copyright Steve Rachmad (source)

Can you believe it?

...from time to time I power up my Facebook App, on my - dumb - smartphone

I can't!

...scrolling, scrolling

Still can't believe it!

...and then


One of my favourite techno tracks - posted by the master himself!

It has been long since I last heard this track, but I'm making up for it last few days. Several times a day my speakers rolls out the fast beats and industrial thingalingalings

...What a JOY!

Get up, Press Play and Dance with me!

Artist: Steve Rachmad
Track: "Work" by James Ruskin - Steve Rachmad Remix
Year: 2006
Country: Netherlands

source youtube spotify

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Saludos, hermosa melodía,... gracias por compartirlo.