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Everybody loves to celebrate weekend, especially with the powerful feedback from the #technofriday community. Especially for this Friday, I was carrying my daily stuff exceptionally good with a clear vision: finish everything as fast as possible and come back home early to write something solid. Fully motivated to write a bigger article about Nur Jaber, I was driving back home like a crazy until law enforcement officers decided to pull me over and kindly explained that it is highly unappropriated to drive with a speed between 130-150km/h on the highway limited to the 100km/h. I've also received an information that driving with a speed higher than 150km/h cause taking away the driving licence by the police. After few long minutes of waiting for the final decision, I've received a bittersweet relieve. I still have my documents and I still can drive a car, but unfortunately for me, I must pay 265e fine now. The rest of the way, I keept the speed limits, but still I feel like

The Speed Freak

Part of what makes the music of Martin Damm interesting is his versatility. The tracks coming from his studio, Biosfear, stylistically stretch over the whole area of electronic dance music - going from power acid to breakcore, from drum & bass to happy gabber, from straight techno to dubby trip hop. Fans will rave about the squiggly 303 programming, the bouncy kickdrums and clattering breakbeats, the powerful and dense yet transparent overall sound, the wonderfully witty combinations and structures, the overwhelming wealth of amazing sound ideas and little melodies, and last not least the cynically cheesy organs and shameless sampling.

Martin Damm is a Frankfurt, Germany based one man machine - label owner, DJ and producer active on the stage since early 90s. Legendary artists known under more than 50 different aliases, working with the whole wide spectrum of the electronic music, from ambient, industrial and experimental techno, through acid and electro to the gabber, hardcore, terror. Active issuing massive quantities of 12-inch and full-length releases through such institutions of electronic exploration as Mille Plateaux, Monotone, Analog, Mokum, Force Inc. and obviously his own Anodyne label(active between 1994-1997). On the early days, Martin Damm found himself producing German EBM influenced by the Chicago Acid scene associated with artists like an Armando, DJ Pierre, Robert Armani or labels Chicago Traxx and Drop Bass Network, which has also released Damm's music recorded as a titled The Speed Freak in 1995. With the years and gained experience, Martin's fascinations for the roughest edgy sides of the electronic music grew rapidly and led him through everything and creating everything. It is obvious for a man with more than 50 aliases and 25 years on the stage.

Biochip C - Juicy Fruit [FIM083]

Monday Trance by @andyjaypowell
Disco Tuesday by @musicgeek
Wednesday House by @andyjaypowell
Rap Thursday by @flipstar
Techno Friday by @neutronenkind
Dance Weekends by @uwelang



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