After Countless Request I have Decided to Join Steemit Todd From 51% Crew

in technicalanalysis •  2 years ago  (edited)

I wanted to make a brief introduction post and introduce myself to the Steemit Community. Most of you already know me as Todd from 51% Crew and being an Admin for the Facebook group Crypto Coin Trader.

I have been a technical analysis trader now for many years. I spend my free time creating educational content to help the crypto community. I do this because I want to see crypto succeed and I feel educating the community is doing my part to make that happen. You can check out my work here on Youtube or come by and visit on CCT Facebook. I do a lot of educational videos and live interviews on CCT. Also my Twitter is Throw me a follow if you would like to. If you chose to you can support me on Patreon and I will continue to get stuff to educate the community with. It is alway appreciated. I keep this short and sweet like I do my educational videos. I know time is valuable. Please be patient with me I am just learning this platform. I will do my best to keep delivering educational material and now on Steemit. 20914284_10155399126580115_5582042312936084231_n.jpg

Thanks to everyone who has supported me all these years.

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There goes the neighborhood. :)

Welcome, Todd. I hope you enjoy it here and build a following of people who will appreciate your insight.

Haha Thanks

It is about freaking time @ToddBlackburn! Resteemed

LOL If the put me in Steemit jail you better have my bail money

Yea @hilarski is a whale here, he's your best bet for bail lol

Very cool that you have joined steemit . Wish you much fun and many followers.
Full steem on :-)

Welcome bud. Luke vouches for you. I've resteemed you to 20k people. I hope it helps you get started here. Thanks for working with us.

I founded a Discord group that now has 16k Steemians in it. It's called the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network. Feel free to contact me in there if you need any help getting started.

Thanks. I honestly dont know what that is yet but sounds good. I appreciate it. I have some research to do here.

Thanks @aggroed. :)

Good to see you on here :)


see this post my all friend. And be aware. I am linking you to the
awareness. please See that. @toddblackburn

It's good to see you here. Enjoy the community. And don't worry, they won't put you in FB jail here.

If they put me in Steemit jail you better pay my bail money

Great to see you here Todd. Hope many more follow.

Welcome to Steemit @toddblackburn

Thank you

Glad to see you join steemit.

I have been following you on facebook for about a year now, become a patreon and have gained an insane amount of knowledge through you're 51% group.

Thanks for the insight bro.

Glad to hear you enjoy the content. It takes a lot of energy out of me but is worth it

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My first and only steemit follow. Woot!

Glad to see you here Todd. Been following your work on FB for a while. I think you'll enjoy it here.


I wonder : If u are such a successful trader, how come you are so desperate to make some dollars on youtube, steemit and other projects. It doesn't make any sense. And don't try to give me that "I want to help the community" because we know how much you care about other people..

You know you made it to the top when you have haters. Please upvote me so I can make another penny.

Todd is a personal friend of mine. Your comment is quite rude in my opinion.

Hahaha. A new account with zero content ;-)

Probably you or steemit admins will remove my question. But it's ok, we know that the truth hurts sometimes

Welcome @toddblackburn! The community appreciates good content creators join the platform!!!


Got an acct. in January, first follow today. Now where's the CCTW ladies at, that also post solid content here....

Found Ash R - anyone know Jennifer Leigh's user name?

I tweeted her to find out, but I don't know if she posts to Steemit

Hey lady, I'm Ash Roulston.


Enjoy your stay on Steemit! Other than sharing and gaining at the same time, you are directly supporting the crypto technology by using Steemit! We need more blockchain-based social platforms :)


Great to see you on here @toddblackburn!

Welcome ya beauty! take my $0.03 upvote as a gift! haha cheers man

HEY Todd welcome to steemit :)
could you please give any best strategy or indiator for how to trade crypto with low portfolio...

Welcome, Todd. I've been hoping that you'd post here for a while as Facebook is trash.

Hey Todd! Its Zane W from the old FB group before I got kicked out! Nice to see you here and thanks for sharing your info!

Hey Todd, glad you decided start a steemit! Thanks for all you do for the community and also occasionaly being an amazing troll. 😜

Thanks. I gave into the pressure from the community

deleted facebook amd join steemit
welcome to facebook

Welcome Brotha. Resteemed.

Congratulations @toddblackburn!
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Welcome! Now if a few more people I follow on Facebook would come over, I can delete that shit app that sells my info to the highest bidder...

Yay! you made it!

Welcome to Steemit

No updates in 4 months. When will you start steeming again?