SP500 market analysis (that is "traditional market for those of you in crypto) with TD indicator(random number Tone style)

in technical •  last year


I have been investing to traditional markets like ten years or so but not much used technical analysis. That is because unlike crypto, most of long term gains in the traditional markets are based on company earning fundamentals and not speculation on TA. That is not to say that here no fundamental reasons to investing in crypto and this steemit platform in one of the top examples but you know what I mean with 1500 tokens are all that jazz.

Anyways here is amazing how well Tom Demark Countdown & Setup indicator has caught the recent sell off and the recovery of SP 500:

Perfect call on sell of daily on countdown nine at top and then recovery straight from setup nine. This was technical selloff and makes sense that recovery was also predicted by the technicals. If nothing else stops the rally up, high possibility is on Thursday 22nd or Friday 23rd.

Keep on investing!

PS: I am still perfecting the indicator buy signals but works ok now.

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