#2 Tech Updates

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  1. Apple iPhone 6S to be ‘made in India’: Reportedly picked because of its popularity

  2. New features added to Passport app: Now apply for new passport from anywhere

  3. Reliance Jio broadband services are coming soon, is in final stage of developement

  4. Lenovo unveils two new laptops in India: Price starts at Rs 35,990

  5. The 7-year Apple, Samsung court battle over smartphone patents is over

  6. Dell launches two new all-in-one desktops: Price starts at Rs 29,990

  7. Qualcomm launches three new processors: Better camera and battery performance coming to Android phones

  8. Reliance to buy telecom firm for Jio's push into 5G, IoT

  9. Apple is rebuilding its Maps app

  10. Twitter's new ad transparency tool to let users identify advertisers


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