"Do You Still....?" Teardrops Of Sadness

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Do You Still....?



As far as I could feel,
As far as my bright eyes could see,
As far as I know well it would be,
I couldn’t see us together here in me,

And everytime I think of you,
My heart trembles as is was always,
Reminding me how much I wanted you here,
And reminds me of the memories of our love,

I’m thinking of the first time we met,
You and me were never been apart from each other,
But, today, I felt the thing that I’d never wanted to come,
I must confront that feeling of nervousness inside me,

I’m afraid of not being with you,
I’m afraid of being separated with you forever,
I’m afraid that you would change what you feel for me,
Afraid that your heart would change your love for me,

The raindrops are falling in the morning,
Like a cold wind grabbing my heart,
Like teardrops dropping on my cheeks,
Like your love moving away from me,

A gentle wind that blows,
Blowing all the memories of you and me,
The wind that blows my heart,
From your love saying goodbye,

Do you still miss me the way you felt before?,
When the two of us are far apart from each other?,
When the time led us to separate ways,
The tears still flowing out on my eyes as always everyday.


Thank you very much for reading!



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Awesome...its true expression of your heart
I love it.


Thank you @samarlykristen! :)



Thank you @chummy! :)

How sad,...... :(


Yes,.... Very much sadness.... It's very sad if @rigaronib is not reading my blog now.... Haha :)



Aww! This one is good. :)


Hey @thidaratapple! Wish granted! LOL! :D


Hey! @rigaronib! I missed you so much! Haha! :)

I love how you weaved the words to bring out such emotion. Great one!


Thank you very much @yadah04! :)

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