I Am Hungry

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Have you ever being so hungry but you were in an area where you can't find food? What about carrying out a tedious task and you were thirsty but couldn't find water to quench that thirst. How then did you feel after you found food and water after a long while? I can only imagine the brightness of your face and how your hope came alive.

But then have you ever thought of those who were in desperate need of water of food or water like you but couldn't get it? Not because their location made food far from them but they were in the mist of food but couldn't afford to get any. All over them is written hunger and it's torment.

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I am hungry, the poor boys on the streets of minna will say to me as I walk down to my lecture hall. At some point I assisted while at other times I kept mute to their request because I don't have to give and will only watch as they walk away disappointed because they thought I could take away that hunger from them.

When last did you show concern to the needy around you who might not have eaten for some days? Are you concerned at all or your heart of compassion has being taken away from you through your excess wealth and influence in the society?

Yes, life has being very fair to you that your daily meal is worth over a 100 dollars but what of those that $100 will feed them for more than a month? Do you care to ask them how they feed and cope with life troubles? Yes life is comfortable for you over there in your country but have you thought of countries were poverty is like their identity, where your 1 dollar is a treasure worth more than Gold?

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Go out today and show love to the hungry by providing them food. Visit the orphanages and show those children that they are humans. It was never their fault or desire to be orphans but life's unfairness met them at an early stage of life. Don't be greedy with your wealth but rather help the needy within and outside your country.

Support the @steemminna initiative to help the poor in Northern Nigeria. You can read more about the

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