Seamen... Sailing In Teardrops Of Sea!

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I am writing about a seaman's life because my six year old daughter asked me today why their father need to go on-board and leave them again and again and again, like there is no end.

In our clan, almost all of the men are working as a seaman on board. My father was a retired Deck Second Officer, my brother is a Chief Cook in a cargo vessel and he is scheduled to depart next week, most of my uncles and cousins are also working as a seaman in a container and Cruise ship.

The father of my children is also a seaman and he departed yesterday to join on-board again. My heart really breaking hearing and seeing my daughter crying while asking this,

"Mama, why does Dada have to go on-board and leave us again? Why can't he just stay and work here in the Philippines?”

I am pity of my children because I can see how sad they are because their father will be gone for a long time again. I can feel what and how they feel because my father was a seaman also before and in my 29 years of living, he used to work on-board. The duration of his contract was six to nine months and he only had a one to two months vacation with us. I graduated from college, got a job, got married and have children of my own but he still working on board.

If I will count, in 29 years I am living... only eight years my father stays with us, he spent most of his sailing life on-board in a deep blue sea. As a child, I missed lots of years and moments to be with my father. Not easy missing your father and growing without him by your side.

Photo is mine: My brother is a Chief Cook

Others might think that being a seaman is really a great and easy money job, they thought that seamen are very lucky because they can earn dollars and at the same time they can travel around the world for free.

Photo is mine

People haven't thought how difficult it is to work and sails on board.

In terms of loneliness and homesickness, you cannot simply compare seaman jobs to those who working overseas or even to the crew on-board the Airbus. Seamen are sailing in a deep, wide ocean for how many months.

Photo is mine: My brother with his crewmate

Same people or co-worker they will see everyday, only ocean, they can see in a day time and in a night that full of darkness.

They are very happy to see an island, a sign that they can have a signal to communicate with their family and if have more free time, they can go out to roam around outside the port.

Photo is mine: My brother watched NBA game when he went out the port

Lucky if there's a seaman’s club nearby the port, they can use computers to go online and chat with their family and friends.

Photo is mine: My brother at seaman’s club

Before, there is no satellite on-board to be used for communication like for calling and texting or SMS, you cannot call or see your loved ones regularly.
You cannot be a seaman if your heart and personality is weak.

Photo is mine:My brother is sending Birhtday greetings to his wife and daughter

Occasions and holidays passed by and celebrated away from your loved ones.

Photo is mine:Celebrating Christmas far away from family

The most you have to fight is lonely being far from your loved ones. If you are a family man or married,especially with children...

You must be strong enough to fight temptations and keep in your heart and mind that you have a family at home waiting for you.

Photo is mine

You have to be strong not only physically, mentally but mostly emotionally.

You will not only face challenges from giant waves that almost swallowed the vessel's till it sink in a deep will face different challenges in life.

Photo is mine


Seamen and their families must be both strong, Seamen must not play around in every port they will stop over, they should put their family first before anything else... that his wife or husband with children are waiting for his comeback.

Photo is mine: My brother’s family picture

Wife or husband at home must be strong also and must think that the seamen on-board are suffering and sacrificing against the homesick and fears from tragedies and disasters in the ocean. Put God in the center of your family and he will protect and guide your family.

Thanks for reading my post.

Photo credits: Pixabay and some photos are mine as stated above

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I agree with you,my brother is also a seaman.:)


That is so sad when one of your family leave to work in other country, I also felt that sadness when my mother left to work in other country.

Really not easy...

That's hard..I feel you sis.. My husband used to work as a seaman also before we got married..2 weeks after I give birth to our eldest child he left abroad for a land job. In 6 years, he only went home once, that is on his 2nd year there. Being seaman and OFW is both hard..

Really tough life for seafarers and heartaches to family.

the separation is the hardest

Yes ma’am...the hardest part!

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You're welcome my dear friend @sitiashah!!
This post is amazing, and needs to be read by as many as possible!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

Again, thank you so much papa bear @paradise-found...

stay strong sis it's not easy.
I know this...
hugss xoxo

Yes sis, really not easy! Thank you so much...

Thank you for sharing with us the life of seaman and their families.
First of all I really admire your husband and your brother and your father for doing what they do. I can't even imagine how hard it is for fisherman like that to do what they do and how dangerous it is.
I feel sad for the families who have to sacrifice so much because I can't imagine how hard that is on the whole family.
My heart goes to you and your family and I wish you all the best and that one day your husband and brother can stay home with their lovely families.

Thank you so much... that is what all we pray for...


Mama, why does Dada have to go on-board and leave us again? Why can't he just stay and work here in the Philippines?

Your daughter's question is worth a million tears. She desired to always have to feel her dad and to have a daughter-father discussion but lo, it's beyond his help. Tell your daughter to be strong because Tough times will not be forever
Daddy will be back home, just endure the little absence of his.

Stay strong and happy


Thank you so much! Really appreciates...


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