Cool night to accompany my loneliness and Sadness

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Cool night to accompany my loneliness. The night winds also gently stroked my hair. Accompany myself who was staring at the beauty of the earth. As my most loyal friend in my solitary confinement.
"Oh God, when will everything change?" I asked in hope.

Suddenly the door to my room was tapped quite slowly.
"Must be Im Im." Guess me
"Yes, a minute!" I said as I walked from the porch.
"Sorry non, time for dinner. The others have gathered under. "Said Bi Imah when my bedroom door opened.
"Ok bi Dera also already lapeer really." Candaku to him.
Bi Imah is someone who took care of me since birth. To me, he was like my real mother. In my house, only Bi Imah cares about my situation. While I was sick, only he who always bothered to prepare medicine, only he who always knows how sad I am when my grades are far from the value kak kak. Only he knows how much I want to be like Dara's kak, my twin brother.

"Wah there is roasted chicken ya. Heem maknyus "I said while occupying my favorite chair.
"Basic is not polite ..." Dad said to me.
"So do not nyerocos aja dong be a girl." Spouse my sister, Virgo.
"Yes Dera, you sit first just say, there is Papa same Mama here. So polite little Ra. "Add Kak Dara.
"Yes Dera, really tuh said Dara. Example him. "Add Mom again.
"Ok, I'm leaving. Please eat !! "I said sarcastically.
I also rushed up to my room without even touching the food there. In fact my ulcer relapsed and it felt very sore. But even more painful when I never get the affection of all the people I care about.

The sun incarnated into my room where the owner was still sound asleep. Until I woke up because of the glare of the light that hit my eyes.
"Humh, it's morning to" I said to myself,

I rushed to bathe and put on my school clothes. With complete blue accessories. This morning, I do not want breakfast. I just visited Bi Imah who was actually preparing lunch for me.
"Thanks Bi, Dera dear Auntie." I say sincerely to him
"Yes non, Aunt is also very affectionless non Dera, the spirit ya Non school." Say bi Imah cheer.
Upon arrival at school, I immediately went to the room where I repeated. Today's schedule is math and english. Counting lessons are very annoying to me. Because I'm not like Dara's great bride counting. My guess is right, this time the problem is hard to ask for. Until my paper is almost unfilled. But if English, this is my greatness. All the questions I can do easily. Because since childhood I've been very good in English. Like Om Frans and Tante Siska who in Jakarta loved me much more than my birth parents. But now they have moved to America with their son, Dimas.

Time seems to run really fast, now is the time to share student learning outcomes. Incidentally, Dera and I are different from class and school. If I was still in high school, while he was in the second class. It all happened because I never went to class during elementary school. If kak Dara accidentally Papa sekolahkah in the most favorite school in Jakarta, while I attend high school in which only the exiles from other schools that do not accept us. Because nilaiku not as great value kak Dara and Kak Virgo. They have a much higher IQ than I do.
"Pa, take Dera's report card, yes."
"Dad has promised Dara if Papa will get his report card. You are different from school. "Dad replied.
"Ma, get the report card Dera ya!" I begged again to Mama.
"Mama had promised the same Virgo ngambilib raportnya, he's already in third grade so must be represented." Mama answered.
"Oh so yes." I replied with disappointment.

I can only cry alone in the room. No one wanted to get my report card. The last road is Bi Imah. And of course he was very eager to get my report card.
"How bi bi results?" I asked with curiosity
"Non Dera champion 1 non." Say Im Imah with enthusiasm.
"hah? Really bi? "I said no less excited.
It turns out my effort was not in vain, I finally can match the achievements kak Dara.

Arriving at home, everyone who was laughing to see the results of learning kak Dara and kak Virgo became silent on my arrival and Bi Imah.
"How the result Ra ?, must be ugly." Said kak Virgo quipped me.
"No ko, I'm champion 1." I say with enthusiasm.
"Ah, 1st winner at your school must be the last champion in Dara class." Ledek Dad to me.

I was disappointed, really disappointed because all the achievements that I achieved were never appreciated at all. Disappointed I ran to my room, I cursed all this injustice. I did not leave the room for two days no one cares. Everyone at home is only busy with their work, not to mention Bi Imah who almost every hour persuade me to get out. My gastric recurrence, it felt very painful than usual.
"Oh God, strong

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May you be healed and be well @riskimauliza


Thank brother