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This is in behalf of my other @steemit account @cinderz that was hacked by some certain serpents yesterday afternoon.

Yes! You hackers read it right!

You're a serpent that gives nothing but pain in the ass to every steemians!.
You have no idea how hard it is for us to make that one blog that will suit the standard of our readers! And you just stole it! How could you! We're not just posting here! We invested our time and effort because this is our game of life.
And you hackers are our enemies because you don't play fair enough!
Their names are xman12 and herez


Yesterday @xman12 Satan commented on my post entitled "Be A Healthier You" this is the link
He invited me to follow him. Without any doubt I clicked the link and led me to this account below. His name is @herez Satan.


After opening his account I was confused because his article written in Korean and the name which commented in my post is not the same. I felt there is something wrong so I took screenshot after that, I went back to my profile and clicked @cheche016 account to see her post but I can't get through it. I tried to respond ate @olivia08 comment but can't make it because I was asked for logging in and wondering why because I didn't log out to my account. I was there to answer their comments. At first I thought It was all about my slow connection caused trouble shoot. It took an hour for me to realized that I was hacked.
I felt so bad until now! So HACKERS this rant post is all for you!


That is the 8th from the (10) Commandments of God written in the Bible.

I know you don't believe in God or should I say you have NO GOD because YOU ARE EVIL in disguise! 😈
You know what I wished right now? I wished that YOU GO TO HELL! ALL OF YOU! GO TO HELL!!!
Aren't you ashamed of yourselves? Oh!, I forgot! EVIL DOES NOT HAVE CONSCIENCE!!!
What a great shame! Why don't you fight fair in life!? What a coward species you are!

I just hope the people you love will not suffer for what you did.
Remember, what goes around comes around.
I may suggest that you start calling your gadamn demons now to save you because your end is near! Yes, karma is just around the corner. Who knows? Tomorrow you will reap what you have sow!!! Isn't that exciting?!


Thanks to:
who stood up with me and did everything to help.
I know @delpha was busy yesterday but I am sure if she knew what happened she will stress herself as well.. Thank you guys! 😘
Especially @ankarlie who made this proxyaccount for me.. Thank you!
Thank you all so much for always there to count on to in times like this.

Also to sir @dobartim.. Hello sir this is really a #steemitultimatechallenge experienced. 😂 Sir I hope @cinderz is still included for the final round of your #steemitultimatechallenge writing contest.. That account is still on Stolen Recovery. But you can reach @cinderz through this new @proxyaccount. I hope you comprehend.
Thank you sir so much!


By the way, I forgot to indicate that demons already manipulating my account and did transactions on my wallet. He transferred my SBD Steem and even my Savings I earned from winning upon sir @dobartim's writing contest on Week #5. I have 2 more days left to cancel his transaction on my savings. I really hope someone could help me recover my account immediately so I wouldn't left broke.
I worked so hard on it.. I hope I still have chance.


I will never give up on this community that is for sure! 👌

Fight @cinderz fight!!!!

Please follow @surpassinggoogle and vote @steemgigs as witness.

This is me @cinderz on her @proxyaccount always saying: Keep the fire 🔥 burning.

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Ughhh so sorry very scary for sure I never thought I’d fall for anything again but from reading it clear it can happen to anyone :( I hope you get it back! Upvoting!


Hi mam @vgc5000 I have my account back with the help of @guiltyparties.. I made an article about it.. Please feel free to click.
I wrote instructions there.. Thank you 😘

I felt what you feel deep inside.We all knew that I also lost my account password.Even I have my new account but my heart is still aching when I see my account having my earning.I also wanted it back but only God knows what will happen.Inspite of that trial I am still here standing,like you never to surrender.But without the people behind I dont know if I could stand again.Steemit community were there and we are here for you..I hope you could get it back.God bless you


Aaahhh ate u are so English! 😆
Yeah! Together we stand, divided we fall, together we climb to the top of the world.. 😂
Thank you te for always there and believing in me.. I also believe in you te.. Aja!

hello sis...

Hopefully, you get your account and shout for that demon hacker with no heart or even soul. @xman12

They should post their own to earn and not just steal the others :(

Oh, i'm so sorry @cinderz, i remember seeing you published as the steemit ultimate challenge week 5 winner, and your article inspired me to send in my own entry. I also had a hacked account experience a month ago. This is just terrible.... Hope you've generated a new password? Sorry about the harm done..


Hellloo mam.. I already recover my account through the help of @guiltyparties..
And I have my SBD back now.. THANK YOU


Oh i'm glad then. Go cinderz!

This is touching......!.......Am really sorry for what those devils did.....I pray you recover everything they have taken so far.

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