My life when I have lung cancer

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I live her since I was 1 year old when my mother leaves us. She have another family.My father was a farmer, we owned ranch and rice fields. After 7 years my mother came alone to get me, but my father want me to stay.
After 8 years. I'm 16 years old then, when they discovered that I have lung cancer. My father decided to sell our rice fields to support our needs to hospital but it's not enough, again he decided to sell our lots, but still we need more money to continue my chemo. I don't know whats going on outside the hospital because they didn't tell me anything. After for almost 2 years. The doctor said I'm free from cancer, Im so thankful then, knowing I can do whatever I wanted to do, but that's not happened. My friend told me about everything. I can't believe her at first until I confronted my father then he told me everything. Maybe I'm over acting that time, well, it's because my father is doing her best just to take good care all his properties. He loved his properties more than his life but he proves me that he really loves me more than his properties. He's now 62 years old we have nothing but him, we don't have properties,to supports my chemo because we discovered again that I have bone cancer, what am I supposed to do? He has a lot of sacrifices and I can say he is the best man in this world!
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I really need prayers...

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Stay strong mate :) you have my prayers.

Big help @glentoy. Thank you!

That was so sad to hear your story the only thing I can help you is upvote and pray, be strong and keep yourself positive everything gonna be okey just believe in God if you trust him nothing is impossible for him.🙏steem on and stay awesome!

I'm always praying that one day miracle will happen. Thank you!

keep steeming even earning less,
expect the unexpected
leave the rewards to those who can see your post,

just keep sharing what do you have, And it might change in the future!
#redfish upvoted

We pray for the restoration of your health,
Keep strength and faith.

Life really isn't fair sometimes. Im really sorry to hear about you story. It would be a deverstating blow to be told you had cancer the first time let alone getting it again. I've dealt with chronic illness and have many friends that are still struggling through cancer. My heart goes out to you and your family. I have a small curation team that would be happy to share your story. We curate from our followers so if your keen come check us out at the @asapers.

I don't have a choice but to accept it. This is my second cancer and I hope I can fight for it. Thank you @insideoutlet. More power to you..

I don't know the right words to console you with, but please be strong. I'll remember you in prayers.

Prayers is the best medicine, and I really need that, thank you for your effort. I'm so happy because their are a lot of people who willing to help me.

All the best to you and your father.