I Miss Him.

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I recently took a step in the right direction (will share about it later on), and memories keep flooding in, and i couldn't help but think about dad and mum. Talking about them is the only thing i have, that i can hold on to, about them.

It’s true that anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be called ‘Daddy’.
It’s always hard talking about him, but I don’t ever want to stop talking about him. I don’t want to lose those precious moments; the thoughts of what we had together.

He was a special father and I want to be like him, and also I want to work on his flaws to make me even a better "Daddy". He was sweet, warm, charming, with his small scaled lips. He’s the same height as me, and yes, we look alike. I love walking with him. I always have this wonderful feeling when we go out together, I just can’t describe it, maybe excitement or safety or anything, I don’t know, but it’s always a great feeling.

I remembered how I always send a note to the lady beside my house, anytime he visits me in school, and he will be the one to deliver, and sure, he will get one from her and give me too. He knew we were young and probably it will wear out when we become older, and yes, he was right. He allowed us be the child that we were, but he still never indulged us. He balanced both, perfectly. I missed the way he would get angry anytime I do something wrong, and the way he would tell me to give him massage. I have that touch. He prefers my massage. Now, i have no one to give one to. (You can enrol if you want one). I can’t just say it all but I miss him. I thought i would cry but no, i didn't. He made me stronger. He prepared me for days like this.

Last words are for people who never said enough while they lived.

When he left, I was broken. I wish I could turn back the hands of time or spend his last moments with him. For a minute, the world didn't exist, at least to me. I was blank and I was trying to come to terms with that truth. I was hoping for a miracle, hoping he’d wake up before we bury him, yeah, it was that crazy. That truth and "other truths" became obvious and I had to start my journey to become a man.

I would say a massive shout out to @surpassinggoogle with @teardrops initiative. I could actually type without getting teary eyed. Haha. This is good. Well done sir.

The message is simple, i need to say, appreciate your folks, whether they piss you off (or you dislike them like some would say), for whatever you guys get going, but love them, before you know it, you’d wish you still have them. Show them the love they need and spend more time with them because as time goes on, those precious moments would be all that you will ever have left.

This thought came after watching a movie today, about "Madea", trying to reunite a dysfunctional family together. The older daughter thought she had it together, until she lost her mum, and she knew there was nothing she could have done about it anymore. She had several chances, but never took it.

Time flies by, by the speed of jet.

Thank you for reading.

Still me,

Olawalium; (Love's chemical content in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.

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Wow, great share. That is a very touching story. My story is alot different than yours, but it really makes me appreciate your dad. Be well!


Your comment just made me smile. I would be thrilled to know about yours. Thank you so much, really appreciate this. You are really kind.

With your words, i'm certain he was a great father. I think that's most important, that the good memories of him keep you riding life in the right direction. I admire the strength you channel into every word. To leave you this strong, he did a great job. He lives on...


Your words are seasoned with sweetness and i sincerely appreciate you. Thank you so much. He was a great man. An honourable one too. You are amazing. This means a lot to me. Thank you.

Wow, so your dad helped in delivering love letter😀
You really shared a great bond with your dad, no wonder you can't stop writing about him. Your father was a great dad, be a greater dad🙌


Hahahaha, yes he did. covers face. Challenge accepted. Thank you so much @jeline. Will pick his goodness and work on his flaws to be a better dad. Sincerely appreciate your words dear. Thank you so much.

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Thank you so much. People like you make it easier for us here. Duly appreciated.