Reunited -Extended Birthday Celebration for our Valentina!

in teardrops •  last year  (edited)

Last February 14 was Valentine's day and we also celebrated my Granny's birthday as she was born on the same day of heart's day. She was named Valentina Malubay -Matalang and she is 70 years in this world full of roller coaster and brightful life.


We had simple celebration last February 14 and this February 16 is another day of celebration of our Valentina's birthday. This day was different and we had more fun because all of our relatives gathered together with our neighborhood.






For a long time, my granny never seen her youngest son after he got married last year of 2017. Now, they have seen each other again and their mood was filled with joy and love as our family patched up after the misunderstandings and the force is really strong in our family.

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Regards @lullettematz
Happy birthday to Valentina Malubay
@Teardrops has visited you and rewarded you with a tear of joy
its publication will also mention it in our next edition: A Tear Now Has Value # 7


Thank you so much @teardrops. Also, I'm so grateful that I was featured on your previous post (Proof of tears: Value #2). As always, I am happy to share my watercolor tutorials. All the best @teardrops + @surpassinggoogle!


Belated Happy Birthday Lola Villy. 😘