I am Knocking on Your Hearts Steemians and Hoping You will Help us

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Hi there again, everyone.

Today, I am not going to talk about myself... or how I met my dear friend Dorothy Joi or how's her relationship with her sister but I will talk about a very special girl that Dorothy Joi cherishes. I won't make this blog long and I am hoping everyone will really read this.

As I was scanning my Facebook's timeline today, which I didn't do the past days, perhaps weeks, I saw a post that my friend shared in her timeline. I knew it was her niece, that was welcome in this world 3 months ago. But something caught my attention. The pictures caught my attention. How can a little angel suffer from this? My heart bleeds even at this moment while I am writing this blog. She's not my niece, not even blood related to me but I felt really so emotional when I saw her in those pictures. So, I sent a message to Dorothy and asked her permission that I would make a blog about her niece to get more fund for her operation.

This cute baby angel's name is Amarrah Elise, you can call her baby Ae. She's 3 months old. Her parents happily welcomed her into this world 3 months ago on the Day our Lord Jesus Christ was born, December 25, 2017. However, they found out that she has Congenital Heart Disease- Patent Ductus Arteriosus. She needs an urgent operation to fix the open veins of her heart to not get any further complications. They are residing in Mindanao at the moment but they were told to bring the baby immediately to Manila to get the surgery right away. We all know how much these things cost. They need financial support for baby Ae.

Now, I know everyone on here has their own financial problems and I am not asking you to give me so much amount of money to help baby Ae. All I ask is your upvote. A portion of your upvote can help so much to let this little angel live longer. I am knocking on your hearts, everyone. I have never pleaded to anyone for help before, especially for financial support but baby Ae's condition in an exception. This might be the reason why I was eager to open my Facebook account today, to help baby Ae.

At this moment, baby Ae is still on the hospital bed in the ICU. Let her survive, please.

Note: All proceeds that this blog collect will be sent to Dorothy Joi. Your help everyone is very much appreciated.

If you are interested to help, you can also contact Dorothy Joi on her Facebook account to personally send her your help. Or might as well check out her GoGetFunding account.

DISCLAIMER: All pictures used are not mine. Credits to Amarrah Elise's mother.


Spread "LOVE"!

Loving you all, Steemians.

Loudette 😘

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I pray the operation is done and successful. Get well soon dear Ae.


Thank you so much @floxycool for being so kind. I am also hoping that she will get the surgery she needed as soon as possible.

You got my upvote, although I wish it had more power. Sending the little angel AE lots of love and healing. @dramamama x


Thank you so much! Everyone has been so kind upvoting, resteeming and giving baby Ae prayers. I appreciate your kindness @dramamama. Bless you, more.

I see your post when I visit @wolfhart blog.

He is very supportive of extraordinarily great work, useful postings in helpful and social missions.

I really want to help but I do not have anything yet.

Currently I can only support and resteem your posts, I hope there are other yeman who can help.

I just joined SGG group.

There are great and helpful people like me who are just newbies


Indeed, he is a great person. That's what I've also told myself when I've read about baby Ae's situation. I was wishing I've got huge voting power or a millionaire. Haha. Your upvote isn't just a small thing, @azyref. It can help baby Ae so much. Thank you for your kindness. I appreciate it so much.
By the way, I am on SGG. It's a great community.

She is so beautiful. I am hoping that it all goes well. Lots of positive vibes being sent to the family and the baby.


Thank you so much @magicalmoonlight for checking this blog out. I'll send to the baby's family all your love. :-)

An upvote well deserved. Resteeming to get more people on this. Let's all help this beautiful baby!


Aw. I appreciate your kindness, @foxyspirit. That's so sweet and kind of you. I hope you will be blessed more. :-)

Sincerely, i will keep praying that God grants her a good health and everything that will be done to make her well will be successful....amen


Thank you so much for the prayer. Bless you, as well, dear. :-)

What a happy baby. I hope you give us a follow up


Thank you so much @wolfhart for your kindness. Yes, of course. I'll update you and everyone soon about baby Ae. :-)


thank you , that is awesome what your doing


I think your deeds are better than mine. You have been very active, greeting and helping newbies on this platform. I salute you, sir!


you are very modest in saying that , thank you and I have had a lot of help

It's heartbreaking for a mother to see her little innocent child suffers like this. I myself have experienced it when my child was confined due to pneumonia. It is more painful than giving birth. Seeing her photos made me cry. I am a mother and I know how it feels. I hope I can help even in a little way thru my upvote and reblogging. I pray for more upvotes to this post. God bless this little baby and you @loudetteiam for the help. She will be healed, in Jesus' Name!


I pray that, too, miss @ellechim0816. I might not feel the same pain as you had but I know the pain was almost infinite. I know how much parents want to give everything to their child but seeing your baby on a hospital bed is very painful.

Babbbbyyyy AE! She is from my hometown. I am a mother myself, my son had PDA, and good heavens it was spontaneously closed after 3 weeks. Baby Ae, my prayers are with you. Dorothy, be strong!


Really, teach Glazee? I really feel sad seeing baby Ae in the ICU. I am hoping and praying many people on here will upvote this blog for baby Ae.
By the way, Dorothy is my friend and colleague in my previous company. :-)

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