Teardrops of love

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My family has been the focal point of my existence since I gained consciousness of myself to this present day. I was thought by my dad to put family first in everything I do.

We have been through the thick and things as a family we had periods for no food, periods when we where not sure of the next day meal and periods when we where flogged and thrashed at school for not paying our school fees promptly.

We cried and wailed and pleaded to God for a restitution, all this changed as dad God promoted geometrically in his place of work.

Amazingly now I have formed my own family and passing through the hustles for no food at times which I encountered as a kid while growing up, from past experience I know that this is also a passing phase.

Special thanks to @surpassinggoogle for given us a platform to share our teardrops stories IMG_20160821_123330.jpg

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very good story and you present it very well .

Sufferings are not permanent. We can see them as tools to humble ourselves as well as teachers to help us see the beauty of life.

Carry on!

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Really touching sometimes I read post and #teardrops actually fall, I hope we all get our #teardroos turned to celebration

What a touching and inspirational story

Wow what a touching story.. thank you for sharing..

Family is more important than anything else. And i'm glad you surpass the hard times in ypur life and have a better condition now. :)

@lexyflexy you are welcome to Steemit. This is a life changing platform, your case is not an isolated one. Many have similar upbringing background, but today it's a different story.
Just be focuesd

We shre the same feelings. I had also experienced that kind of situation but poverty was never a hindrance to success. God will always provide us blessing in the right time and at the right place. Welcome to steem it and have some fun ^^

Wow amazing and inspiring story.. Thank you for sharing @lexyflexy..