Hacker's Allert!

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This heartless man hacked my friend @liamnov's steemit account and transfered all her sbd's to bittrex, @liamnov was in tears while talking to me.


Lasy Sunday April 8, @liamnov's steemit account was hacked by this burglar, stealer man whose account name is @richardman. Her last activity was joining
a contest called pocket dump.


Afterwards she was wondering why she cant open her @steemit account anymore. Therefore as I was checking her sbd's it is already transfered to @richardman. So I informed her immediately.


@richardman's evil doing had successfully stole a lot of sbd' from his victims in just one day!


@liamnov has been an active blogger. Even how busy she is, she will always find a time to create a post. But in just blink of an eye her effort was wasted. Her account was very important to her because it is hard to create a steemit account this time. Luckily she had already withdrawn some of her sbd's days before it was hacked.

Here are some tips on how to make your account safe as discussed by, @jassenessaj


I hope this post will reach to @steemit management @richardman be stopped from stealing more sbd's.

Thank you so much for reading,


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any information on how her account was hacked?.. give us some information my friend so as to prevent this scoundrels modus operandi? Thank you


According to her, the last activity that she did was posting about the pocket dump challenge. She used to open some links,I guess. After that she cant open her account anymore.


That is outrageous! So then it means, her losing all her SBDs had nothing to do with how much secure her password was. We assume she did not give the password to anyone. What she did was opened some links and then later on, she couldn't open her account anymore.

I think the most important thing for all of us to remember is to not open links, especially those that look questionable or suspicious.

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You got it right! Some links are scammers!


Never click links in comments or wallet messages, always check URL’s if you do and only log in with your private posting key. Never use your master password.

I have been a victim myself and I have some guides on how to protect yourself/ how to get your account and reputation score back on my blog.

The current contest is to spread the word and warn people: https://steemit.com/contest/@simplymike/20sbd-contest-protect-people-from-the-ongoing-phishing-scam

Or visit my blog and look for the post I made 2 days ago: ‘💰 [20SBD CONTEST] Protect People From The Ongoing Phishing Scam’

This is unbelievable! Those were hard earned SBD's! And whoever gets that work your fecking ars out and stop fecking around others money! 😤


Truly unbelievable, this world today is full of transgressions!

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Oh, This is terrible! So sad to know of what happened to your friend's account.
Now we need to be more careful, because of many hackers and phishing site this days..


Hackers are watching us! Me must be careful in joining some promotion contests and following some links.

So sad to know this sir @juichi, I met mam @liamnov on my first Steemit met-up. An advice from my friend with computer expertise is when you open a link that requires your password or any related private information, do not proceed giving it. This can be one sign of a malicious act that may copy any info you had given.

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Gladly she had already recovered her account just today maam, but all her sbd's are already gone!
Thanks maam @felicitas

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Unfortunately, SteemIt Inc. prefers to look the other way and does nothing about it. They are the only ones that could close these accounts (there are plenty) but they just don’t bother.

Since we can’t stop the scammers, it’s important to warn as many people as possible about it.

I’m running a contest in which I want to get the word out about the ongoing phishing scam, so everybody on SteemIt knows about it and no one will fall victim again.

You can find the contest on my blog. Look dor the post I wrote 2 days ago: ‘💰 [20SBD CONTEST] Protect People From The Ongoing Phishing Scam’

The more people join, the more people we can reach and protect.