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Mothers have one of the most demanding jobs in the world and are always on call 24/7 but sometimes all of our accomplishments in providing everything for our child needs become meaningless when faced with a child crying either of a broken toy or a broken heart.

A few days ago, I snapped at my super "makulit" kid running around the house and badgering me with all sort of things. I attempted to warn him to not to be super active when playing cause he might accidentally hurt himself but to no avail and that is when I slightly spanked him for the first time.


I spanked him not too hard to cause him to cry. I tried to explain to him why I did it and my worries that he might get hurt playing around the slippery floors. But realizing this, I was actually the one that hurt him by spanking him.

I regretted my actions and apologized to him. It didn't matter though cause after that He became very distant and too polite with me. I felt the tension building up between us. I tried everything to make amends but nothing seems to work out.

Lesson learned: To be more patient and not too quick to judge when it comes to our children!


Its ok maam I myself did they same to my two boys for them to know that there should be a limits and giving spanked to our children is one way of guiding them to the right path, God allowed all parent to spanked there kids but with a proper way. God bless all the parents :)

Yes, I realized that sometimes I have to be stern when it comes to disciplining my son but I am only human when I see my son get hurt and I felt it too!

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@jessieflor, I learned from your article... To be more patient and not too quick to judge when it comes to our children! Voted and resteemed. Pls do follow my post. Thanks

As a mother, it really hurts a lot to see my son get hurt but discipline should be done eventhough I felt guilty at times.

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