Fight Against Cancer

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This month, about 11 years ago, when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. It cannot be traced anymore which is the primary because she's already at terminal state. According to bone scan results, cancer cells already spread through her bones. It is disheartening to see how the cancer cells were everywhere from head to toe.

We had some hope after the biopsy result is no malignant cells active. We did everything to have her undergo treatment. During the hopeless times, we saw even a slight hope which we had gripped on. She seemed improving with her condition during the weeks of treatment.

However, cancer cells still find a way to fight back even stronger. Two months after diagnosis, my mom's body surrendered despite her will to fight the illness.

It was sad to see that in general, there's no cure other than chemotherapy widely available against cancer. It's a pain in the neck to see people suffer in this very painful disease. Sufferers may survived, but relapse is very strong.

Recently, I read a post by @jovema whose mother-in-law has cancer. You can read that post here, and if you can, please show some support. Cancer is difficult to battle with, but as long as we can, keep strong and don't let it conquer you.


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