Teardrops: My Mothers' Day Could've Been A Little Sad.. But An Unexpected Gift From An Unexpected Person Came The Next Morning!!

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I spent the Mothers' Day yesterday with my baby alone and my husband did not even greet me..That special day might have ended a little sad but an unexpected gift from an unexpeced person came!😍😍😙😙

My in-laws suddenly decided that my husband and Psymon should go with them to Manila to have a better follow up check up after they finished their 6month medication from a highly contagious respiratory disease they got
last year leaving me and Angelo alone in the house on Mothers' day 😢😢



I had boiled eggs, old tortang talong and hotdogs from the fridge and watched kdrama alone instead of having cakes, flowers, special fb post or a family movie marathon.

Hmmm... but not these material things I am missing though.. it's the feeling of having your whole family around you.

My husband did not even greet, I really dont know why.
Thank God there's Angelo left with me in the house.

Neither Im envious nor sad, it's just that Im not happy..

Just as I was feeding Angelo during breakfast the next morning, somebody knocked on our gate. I went out seeing Aunt Neri who handed me a well-packed white tshirt from Aunt Nitz.

When I opened it, it says, Love you Mom 😍😍😍
Awwwwe! it's just so sweeet! And I love it that it's color white! Whenever I have to go somewhere I always want to wear white.

This is really a surprise for me bc I am not related with Aunt Nitz except that she was a friend of my late Mommy Brenda.

Well I guess God will never let even one mum feel sad on her day 😉😉

Thank you for reading!

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@therealwolf 's created platform smartsteem scammed my post this morning (mothersday) that was supposed to be for an Abused Childrens Charity. Dude literally stole from abused children that don't have mothers ... on mothersday.


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