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Please stop! Please Stop! Please,………
Screaming like an Jetplane Engine,
But no one ever helping , Instead, laughing
I try to escape, but they continue kicking,

Like a puppy, everyone loves me,
Instead of taking care of,
They always love to hurt me,
Since I am the Point of their bullying hobby.

I have no friends, no one close to me,
No, confidence, since every one criticized
I want to be strong like a monster with deadly fist
Big guy, look at me, like Mr. Bean with Hoodie

I want to complain,
But mommy and daddy are too busy.
Work and business are their priority.
And I don’t think also value me………

Alder Febraday Tamarra

Fun | Love | Happiness
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Happy day @@@febradaytamarra
His poetry is touching. Please, always use images from the web, quote the source.
@Teardrops has visited you and rewarded you with a tear of joy
its publication will also mention it in our next edition: A Tear Now Has Value # 7


Thank you @Teardrops, I really appreciate it,
I will take your advice in the next time. thank you so much!
more power..


Thank you again sir, I check this out.