Is it a Love Letter? Its for you to decide, but its for you

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What is a Love Letter?

  • Wikepedia said that
    ~ it is a romantic way to express feelings of love in written form.
  • Merriam-Webster said that
    ~ it is a letter expressing a lover's affection
  • Cambridge Dictionary said that
    ~ it is a letter that you write to someone that you are having a romantic relationship with

There are many possible meaning of a Love Letter, but for me any kind of letter could be a love letter. It may be an Invitation Letter, it may be a Thank You Letter, it may be even an Apology Letter, as long as it written with love I can call it a Love Letter.

Here is a letter I have written, you might get confused if what kind of letter is it. It maybe any kind of letter, its for yourselves to decide.

This letter is for the woman from my past
This letter is for the woman that cared for me
This letter is for the woman that I make cry a lot
This letter is for the woman that I try to ignore in the past
This letter is for the woman that stopped loving me
This letter is for the woman that I love
This letter is for the woman named

Dear Ella,

Hi Ella! Good Day! I don't know what time of the day you could possibly read this letter (or if you will be given a chance to read this) so I prefer to greet you a very good day. This letter was supposed to be a love letter but I think you would not categorize it as one of those kind. Knowing you as an intelligent little girl when we are in high school, you will probably look at me with a "This is not a Love Letter" look in your face. You probably will look at me using your deep stare and sharp eyes, you might even give back the letter without reading it. But I believe that nothing is impossible and everything might happen, so if destiny brings you to read this I would be very grateful. ~cross fingers~

Do you still remember the time when I first met you?

It was 8 long years ago isn't it? But it was still clear to me, the color of our classroom, the arrangement of the chairs, the students inside. I can still remember the very moment when I first see you, the moment when you got my attention. That moment when you are having a fliptop argument with our classmate.

How about the time when you hugged me? The time when you lie down on my lap?

I can also remember those nights, the night when you hugged me and see your eyes smile after our acquaintance party. The night of our astrocamp where you lie down on my lap while watching the video that was projected on the stage.

I was not sure if you still remember those things, but I think you still remember how stupid Zairos is. How I push you away, how I make you cry, how I make you explode in anger, how I left you hanging after you confess your feelings to me, how I add to the burden you are carrying back then.

I have think about it, but up until today I haven't ask for your forgiveness. Until now you didn't know how sorry I am for what I have done.
To the woman I love . . .

I'm sorry that I hurt you
I'm sorry that I ignore you
I'm sorry that I push you away
I'm sorry that you go through hardships
I'm sorry that I make tears flow in your eyes
I'm sorry that I didn't give the attention you are asking for
I'm sorry that I didn't became a man even I also have feelings for you
I'm sorry that it take 8 years before I ask for your forgiveness
I'm sorry that I make bad decisions
I'm sorry for being stubborn
I'm sorry for being blind
I'm sorry Ella

I'm sorry Ella. I didn't mean to hurt you, its just that I was not mentally prepared that time. Sorry for making this stupid reasoning, I just want you to know how I regret the things I have done in the past. You've once said that I have chosen the right decision back then, because we are friends now. Yes I am really grateful that we are friends now, but if I would be given a chance to change that decision I probably would be pleased to do so. Yes maybe we might end up not friends today, but I surely will make a way to gain your trust again, to make friends with you again. I probably would choose that we might end up not friends today rather than being friends today but let you go through an immense pain. Its OK for me that I am the one who will go through the pain rather than you. I would rather choose that I undergo your pain, even if it means that you will ignore me, even if it means that you will not look at me as a friend, even if it means that you would cut the communications between us, even if it means that you would block me in facebook, even if it means that you will slap me in the face, even if it means that you would totally and literally forget me, even if it means that you would totally erase me in your life. I would rather choose that path, I would be grateful, as long as I can erase the fact that I once hurt you. As long as I can erase the fact that I make tears in your eyes. Whatever the cost of erasing that fact, I would be glad to pay for it.

Once again, I'm really sorry for what I have done.

I wish that my happy memories with you would be able happen again in the future, this might be selfish on me, I may be not worthy enough to ask for wishes, but this is the thing that I truly wish. I want to have another chance with you again. I want you to fell in love to me once again, I want to feel that I'm the center of your world again. I want to see your smile for me. I want you to make ways for me to notice you again.

I want to be with you.

Hi Ella! I know that you don't have an Steemit account so there's a really low possibility that you will be able to read this letter, but I still want to say that I still love you. Don't you worry I still will do my best to make my wish came true


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There will always be a chance.

Btw there is a love letter writing contest by one of the Ohana. You might want to enter it there as well. Or have you haha.


I hope that chance would come

is it the Last Minute Love Note Contest ?? Yes I also enter it as my entry.
Thank you

Ohh Ella must know! Please forward this to her. This might be the igniting power to rekindle your love for each other once again. By reading this, i can feel how sorry you are to her. I hope she will also.


Nah, I think if Ella was destined to read this post, she would probably given that chance. I'll just wait for that time, if that time wouldn't happen I'll just make another way to make her feel how special she is to me 😉


Do you have common friends that are into steemit? If only i am friends with ella, i would be the to let her see this post of yours because i can feel how sorry you are and how sincere you are now.


Hahahahahaha, no one 😁😁😁
Let's just leave it to destiny 😁😁😁


Ohh that's sad. Ok if you are meant to be then you are right destiny will make a way. Goodluck! Im looking forward to your next posts. Pls follow and upvote my posts too. Thanks!

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from Kryptonia

wow! if I were you,you must give this to ella so she would know the things you wanted to say. @coderzairos if given the chance please dont make her cry again.


I swear that will never make her cry again