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Most Filipinos are such a crybaby, tears usually drops from their beautiful loving eyes in almost all the reasons. Tears might drop from their eyes because of happiness, sadness, celebration, sacrifices and even seeing a person. Name a reason I bet a Filipino cry for that, but most of the time tears flow because of the sacrifices made for their family.



Many Fathers left their families due to the call of their duty. Brave warriors left their wife and parents for their duty without having the assurance to go back in one piece. Also there are times that our brave warriors left their daughters and sons even it was not yet been born.
Tears of happiness drops from their eyes when they finally came back well and alive, but unfortunately tears of sadness and pain might also drops as they came back in a casket.

Sacrifices are natural to us Filipinos, we tend to do all possible things to support the needs of our families. Filipinos adapts really fast to any jobs or works that you give. No matter how hard the job is they usually follow instructions without any hesitations and complains. They even works under the sun, even works in stinky places such as septic tanks, just to provide good life to their family they will not hesitate.
Filipinos aren't superheroes with superhuman strength, they don't have superpowers and sometimes worn out. Tears of pain and tiredness usually flow from their eyes late in the night as they feel the pain from their bodies, but still wake up early in the morning, go to work and provide he needs of the family.

Shortcuts in having good and stable life are opportunity to almost all of the Filipinos. As long as they can earn a bunch of money in a short period of time, they would grab the chance even if it means tears would drop.

Many Filipinos tend to work abroad and became an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) to support their needs and get rid in the chains of poverty, even if it means leaving their partners, children and parents. Tears of loneliness flows from their eyes as they see their child chasing and stopping them to jump in the plane and seperated to them.

Many Filipinos thinks that having a child will definitely complete the word called family. Seeing the welcome smile of the baby to the world would definitely make the eyes of a new father and mother teary. Problems in the works would definitely be quenched as a child approaches his/her father as it gets home from work.
Tears of happiness and excitement would flow to a father and mother's eyes as soon as they see their newly born baby crying and kicking the the world.

Graduation is one of the main goal of our parents for us, giving us the right to go to school and have our education. One of the main reasons for the teardrops of our parents is because of this right, we all know that not all Filipinos are capable of supporting every child's education so working very hard is the solution. Working to the point that they set to another country, working to the point that they work from day to night, working to the point that they ignore their own health. But in total tears of happiness and relief drops as they see their child marching wearing a black graduation toga.

Many kinds of tears drops from the eyes of our parents, but this #teardrops are for their family. Being financially stable is their main concern. Giving the life their family want is their main reason for their hard-works, for working from day to night, for enduring the loneliness as they work abroad.
No matter what the reason of their #teardrops is, cherish each and every moment we have inside the family.

Life is short, and we can't turn back the time if miss this chance



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