Emotion is equivalent to Tears of Droplets With Joy

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The tender love of our great parents are indeed unreplaceable. It is the intimate nature and treasure they can give unconditionally to their loved ones. Day by day,time to time it is updated like an application in the mega world of technology

My Motivation and Inspiration for this photo:

I wanna share this photo to touch your hearts individually to really treasure and love your parents since it is not yet the end of times. Allow yourself to express this tender love and care you can afford,by affording things of not loosing them infinitely in your minds and heart. Everytime I see a woman crying, I felt guilty not just bevause it's my fault but because Im angry of by not protecting them against emotional feelings that they might get hurt.

For us men,it is our duty to protect women even if they're not our friends,relatives or even family but because it is your responsibility to protect them against odds. A woman is full of virtue, of everything they have the full package of everything a person needs.

Love your mother as you loved yourself, because you cannot do nothing if they're not already in this world. Allow yourself not get shy, have bonds them with your family. They have the greatest love among all you need and want in this world there's no amount of money cannot pay for there love they gave you.

I gave my whole applause and acknowledgement to @surpassinggoogle for having this opportunity again. This keeps us remembering from time to time that we should not forget where we've been came from and which way we would end our raise again,thank you so much!

Have a nice day!

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Yes our parent first and then any other thing because they really tried for us since a day old child into now


Loved them as you treasure anyone else in this world. Keep steeming

Hello @benchcarr
Thank you very much for this inspiring dedication to parents.
@Teardrops has rewarded you with a tear of joy
its publication will also mention it in our next edition: A Tear Now Has Value # 7

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Thank you so much for having this oppurtunity thru this we are not be able to forget our parents perhaps.


Continue to remind us that through tears we were be able to express our gratitude to our loved ones. Thank you @teardrops

Your words are beautiful, friend @benchcarr.
Offering love to our parents and to all humanity is free. It does not weigh and has many satisfactions.