I Need your Help ! 😧 Can you guys help me? - 14th April 2018

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Hey guys ,

I have been thinking alot about this , because I don't know if this is the right way to do this. You all know I am a student right. Hm , and my yearly fees is 32,000 CNY . I am at a place were my family is really broke. I know my parents will do whatever to get me my fees , but it is really breaking my heart see them do so much for us , me and my sister.

And I'm the eldest one , I am supposed to get a job and help my family out. But I still have one more year left . And even then , I will have to pass alot of home exams , since I study in china , it's not valid back home. So again alot of money is needed.

My family has a lot of problems , I know my parents wouldn't want me to do this . But , I can't let them struggle like this. That is the sole purpose of me joining steemit , that is why I try so hard to post so much , all in the hope of getting some money.

One of the biggest problems in our life currently is that , our house is in a case , which takes alot of money again. And our chance for getting our house is very slim. So 🏠 is literally hanging on the thread. I know how painful it is for my parents and grandparents , after all this hardwork , all the money is being taken by the court and lawyers.

This is still not a huge issue , if everyone was healthy. My family is comprised of My dad , mom , sister , dad's dad , dad's mom , dad's grandma ( my great grandma) then mom's mom and mom's dad . And these many people are supposed to live with my parents income.

And the baddest part is infact , everyone is not in the good health . Let's start from the oldest , my great grandma , she is in her 90's , and she has her worse days , sometimes she had to be admitted in the hospital , because she was very very sick. Then the court order came for my house to be taken..so my grandpa had to take great grandma her son , who is my grandma's brother. And they refused to take her. And my grandpa was sick too at that very time , he had a mild stroke and half of his face was not okay. And my grandma has tinnitus and which causes her to have vertigo and she was going to faint alot too. So everything was a big mess.

And then my dad , he has vericose vein , inguinal hernia and severe migraine . He had a severe injury while he was 19 , which caused him to have a bad head injury , so he has a lifelong migraine. And many other problems. Then my mom too has a lot of problems . I think my mom will kill me , if I say things about her. So I won't say. So the day I was landing home for vacation , my dad had planned on going home , to take care of grandpa and grandma , since they were very sick and very literally had no money for his ticket or anything.

And nobody told me anything , because I was having exams throughout . And more bad news we're coming the same day I landed. My mom's face was really sad as I landed. And then I was like what happened mammy , and she was like , it's a sad news. Someone close has passed away and she started crying . And I became so scared , and she was like it's your uncle. He passed away in an automobile accident. I was so shocked. And mom really wanted to go , we saw his funeral online , and we were all crying. And I know Mom really wanted to go , but we didn't have money for buying her ticket too. It was so stressful and painful.

So , this is just a small insight into what all problems I have . But , some things I can't even tell. It's too painful. So , now by this post I am asking all of your help , for getting me 1000 USD. That is 1/4th of my fees , at least that amount.

I really do try everything what I can..I tried YouTube , but by the time I found you can do things in YouTube I came to China , and it's blocked in china. And it's illegal for students to work in china , so that's how I am in steemit. So guys will you please help me out???


Even one 0.1 would be fine..or 0.001 and or even an upvote. Anything that you can do to help me. I am a person who stays true to my word. I need a lot of money , but I can't just take that without working , that's why I always try my best to post here. And even join contests. But now , I feel helpless. I called home today , and I was saying about my fees and I could see my parents faces. I could really cry , like really. Cause I don't know , what else to do. If I had a job , I would have worked shifts or anything to get money for the case and medical fees and everything. But , I'm so helpless.

And I don't have as many clothes or anything as my classmates , but that's not a problem for me . Because what matters to me is not materialistic things , I'm happy for what ever little I have. You know , for a middle class person like mysefl , it's only a dream to become a doctor , but I came here just because there was scholarship available , but last year the scholarship was abolished in my University. So I'm really helpless , or else I would work triple times to get that. But now , my sole purpose is to finish school and somehow get a house , and help my family , my sister and everyone however I can.

I hope you guys will see my sincere words and help me.


I hope life was as colourful as this , but it's not . I hope and pray one day ,it will be.

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Hi Ashley, you are welcome to run a upfundme crowdfund but there is a few rules that need to be followed, you must use the first tag "upfundme" and you goal must be regularly updated.

please read the upfundme rules here.


Oh I'm sorry , I didn't know . I didn't understand the second rule actually , so every other day , I can post ? The same post with the updated amount? Thank you so much for helping me. I will put upfundme as first tag from tomorrow.


Yep you can post daily, and after 1 week when the posts start paying out you can update the fund to show the progress. it also helps if you make a fund amount in SBD or STEEM - say 500 steem or something. Much easier to update for you then. Good luck:)


Ooo thank you so much for explaining , you know I have never gotten any real money from steemit , so I really don't know it's worth as such , but I will research and see right. And then I'll put from Tom.. the right way. 😇 God bless you so much .

Hi @ashley4u

This does sound like a struggle for you and your family. I have pressed the upvote button and take it in good faith that you are sincere in your request.

Good luck to you.


Thank you brother , god will bless you so much ! I pray for you and your family !