Teardrops Token Rewarding Proof of Tears: My @Teardrops as a Holdap Victim

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Hello Steemians the worst moment of my life was happened to me early this morning. I'm was a holdad victim. Holdap is the Filipino term for a crime where there is someone will give you death threat to stole something from you. They will show you an armour like gun or knife and will threath you if you don't give your money they will kill you. 20180217_124406.pngUntil now it don't even sink in my mind how does that happened. It happened very quick. I'm still shocked.

February 15 is the pay day for the employees. I withdrawed all my salary yesterday to send money to my mother in the province. When I went to the sm to drop off the money the line is very long I don't have enough sleep because I woke up 1am for my 3am work. I finished my work 2:30 in the afternoon and I arrived at the Sm at 3 pm. I feel so sleepy.20180217_130758.png I can't wait too long to drop the money off. I decided to drop off the money by tomorrow.

I'm was walking in this road 2:00 am to go to the parking area where the shuttle is waiting for us to bring us to our work. This picture is mine and it was taken after what happened.20180217_050751.jpg Two guy who is riding a motorcycle stopped at my side and said give me your wallet if you don't want to be hurt. I saw a knife. Give me your whole bag. I looked arround and realized that there is no one who can help me. I gave my bag immediately and they leave. It is very quick it happened in just 2-3 minutes I try to look for the plate number of the motorcycle however I can't see it. I think the motorcycle does not have a plate number. I cried because I worked hard for that money and it is for my family. I didn't come to work today because of what happened. I will report this to the baranggay later. It is really sad that some people committed a crime bacause of proverty I don't have enough idea why those guys did that.

20180217_140134.pngAlways take care don't take the risk of walking alone specially in the middle of the night. Be alert if you see someone who acts differently be observance. Don't bring a large amount of money as much as possible.

I feel so afraid until now I don't want to go outside maybe it is what they call trauma. My parents got scared for me since they are in the province and they cannot stay with me. My parents wants me to quit my job and stay at home with my online job and little business. That's my plan too I'm scared that two guys remembered my face and do that again.

They stolen all my money though I'm little lucky because my celphone is in my pocket and they only took my bag. Now I'm planning to stay at home and be focus on Steemit. I will file a resignation as soon as possible.

At the end of the they I will still be thankful that I'm still alive and the holdapers didn't hurt me. I am also grateful for my Steemit earnings that I can use use for my daily needs. Thank also for my group @Steemitdiversify and to all my leaders @antonette @iwrite @pupledaisy57 for supporting me and allowing me to be parr of the group to earn good.

photo credit to Mr. Google
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I am grateful for that and for everyone who has helped me and my friends.


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Ingat lagi @alyssaechavaria

Ingat palagi at lagi rin pong magdadasal twing aalis o may pupuntahan.

omg be careful I would never dare go out 2am by myself pls take care and I agree do online work and stay with your parents for a while till you get calm


Thank you @maam daisy.

Keep safe always po,naalala q tuloy nung masnatch ung cp q. Nakatrauma grabe,huhu.

Hello @alyssaechavaria
We regret what happened and we give thanks for your physical well-being.
@Teardrops has rewarded you with a tear of joy
its publication will also mention it in our next edition: A Tear Now Has Value # 7

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thank you @teardrops for appreciating my post. God bless you sir.


Nakakatakot talaga ang mga holdaper sis.. Buti safe ka


oo sis pasalamat pa din ako sa huli.