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In appreciation to my inspirer of inspirers, Motivated to selfless love towards Filipinos and co-steemians, It's nice to know you sir. My support is always around the corner



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Deep Style

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Enhance: Medium
Resolution: 0.36MP
Depth: Normal
Style Weight: 50%
Style Scale: 100%
Preserve Original Colors: No

my site is HERE

This piece of digital arts is dedicated to @surpassinggoogle's @tearprops project.
For giving teardrop's the voice to be heard.
Voices that were hidden are now able to speak up.
Tears that were hidden are now not only seen, but HEARD.
The proof of tears now rewarded.
Thank you Terry Ajayi for giving teardrops value.
Thank you for broadcasting theses hidden voices.
Thank you @surpassinggoogle
Thank you @teardrops
Thank you @steemgigs
Don't forget to vote @steemgigs for witness today. A witness that adds value to community; A witness with something to offer.

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"Redfish is the first rank in steemit, next will be minnow, dolphin, orca and the last whales"

above images are clickable, come try it

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thank you .. I really inspired about what you do .. and I am very happy can follow you ..

And indeed you have been inspired by @surpassinggoogle you didn't let the domino effect to stop, you have inspired me and you were able to see how I do inspire people as well. Selflessly. Will continue the flow.
I will also be here for the support.
Grateful for this my mentor @albertvhons
PS. Just seen your comments on this group outside steemit. Making people aware and being vigilant to all the sites they were joining. And yes being in the industry not far from your experience, it's really unbiased.

Magnificent teardrops design.
Thank you very much.

Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫ resteemid


Thanks for coming in


you re welcome friend

Good afternoon . I wanted to register for Steemit, my sister, but we can not. I remember that you issued a post about paid registration, could you write me a link to this site? Thank you in advance :)

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Thank you so much.


Tell me how much do I pay for registering steem now?


just try 6 steem, This is what it cost before.