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Thank you my friend, for this well thought out post. I have been interested in energy and consciousness since my early teens and studying the Casteneda syntax. Reference points to render recognizable terrain within the unecognizable is a hard concept, the tool seeming a fools errand when considered from outside of its use.

The only thing I am sure of is my un surety in regards to how to best apply dual reference points. It has been my suspicion for many years now that in my cleverness, I make something simple into something complex. Looking forward to your next post on this. Perhaps it will contain the epiphany that throws the chaos of my knowledge together like a well crafted lego set.


It's a strange thing, and perhaps I'll write a post about it. Why not? Here is the strange thing: I'm a 29th degree Pisces Moon along with other markers that make me very sensitive to various energies. I never smoked weed until I was 57 (67 now. Unbelievable!). I didn't really start using weed regularly until I was 59 and then just for insomnia, but there was a remarkable side effect: for me weed was psychedelic. After one hit (yes, just one) I would go off on these journeys into awareness of higher realms. It was not just a high it was a remarkable process of revelation. For about 8 years I had revelations on an almost nightly basis, everything from atomic structure to geometry to levels of consciousness. Of course I was interested in this stuff anyway so I was no stranger to some of the concepts, but what a wonderful gift. I would not be surprised, to tell you the truth, if Christ and the Buddha were smoking a few joints. Anyway, thats the only epiphany I can offer.

So I've discovered the Cosmos is much more complex than any of us had thought, but also that once the complexity is understood it all fits together and makes sense. Do I understand everything? No, far from it.

At first I really questioned the validity of what I was experiencing, and so started cross referencing to Planck, Tesla, Jung, Einstein, Bors, Grof and others. I was astonished to find that what I was receiving was legit and verifiable.

Now, I usually only get philosophical type information. Which is cool too, but I miss the other stuff. Let me give you an example: I experienced the concept of Oneness. Not just an understanding of it but an absolute experience of it, which was far different than just an understanding.

Ah, well, I ramble. I noticed @deliberator bailed out. Wonder where he is going. Any inside information?


Not sure what degree of anything I am, but since I was a child I always was more sensitive to energies as well. Able to read people, communicate with plants etc. I remember as a child of 5 praying to God for the wisdom of Solomon, because I couldn't understand why people acted the way they did, and thought something was wrong with me. lol.

Interesting about you and the weed. I used to be a chronic smoker in my teens and very early twenties. Then one day, it started making me paranoid, so stopped smoking it. I haven't had any in many years, my only way to handle it (one or two hits) was if I had a couple beers to temper it.

Our friend @deliberator has been disgusted with how the site functions for some time. I am going to guess he had one friend to many that was bullied by the whales that love flagging here, acting like they are gods. For a censor free site, one must admit that there is a lot of financial censorship taking place by these self appointed assholes who determine what one can like and say.

Well, I always thought you were a bit odd. I didn't offer those sorts of prayers to the unknown God until I was about 12.

I really don't know why I shared the weed angle. Perhaps I just have that "fuck it" attitude today and am being more... human. You may sense I'm not taking myself too seriously at the moment. A passing energy? I fear not.

As for asshole whales. What we need here are some good harpoons, but alas, there does not seem to be any.

Many blessings.

Well, I always thought you were a bit odd. I didn't offer those sorts of prayers to the unknown God until I was about 12.

I was born into the religion, despite my birth mom not practicing. I remember going to bible study before stating kindergarten, as well as my dad would drag me to church every other Sunday. I remember reading the stories as an impressionable young child of Solomon and wanting to be just like him, lol. I used to think I was odd as well, as evidenced by my youthful prayers. Now I find it is mostly others who are odd as they deny themselves to be their masks instead. Deny they are anything but the reference points handed to them.

Perhaps I just have that "fuck it" attitude today and am being more... human.

Seems I remember your posting you had to go back to painting again before I moved. I too face having to go back to work I find not the ideal way I would spend my energy/time. Wondering if it has helped push your energy in this direction. Hoping you are coming to peace/terms with finding yourself back at a beginning of sorts again.

As for asshole whales. What we need here are some good harpoons, but alas, there does not seem to be any.

Unfortunately things are what they are. I am keeping a positive outlook, thankful for every little sliver I earn here as I remain hopeful they succeed with the SMT project and one day perhaps give me a way to pay off my credit and buy a little plot of land to escape the role I too seem forced so far to repeat. I think it helps in that while i am free with what I say, there is no driving need within me to create or sustain battles with others on this platform. Life offers enough opportunity to have enemies without creating them here, imo. Compared to my son, or my other half or a myriad of other pursuits, convincing anyone of something contrary to their beliefs is not worth it as a pursuit here. But I sense you are the same. You have much self reflection, more than I am used to encountering in others. Probably more than myself truthfully.

Blessings to you and yours as well.

Yes, wouldn't it be nice, if after hanging in there, the SMT's prove to be a dynamic catalyst to propel us to greater income potential? I'd welcome that. And as far as harpoons go... I get sea sick. So, no harpooning for me!

Yes, tomorrow I start a large project that will last about 4 weeks. Grateful for the work, however, I trust it will motivate me to complete a book: The Consciousness Continuum. Perhaps that will be my retirement income.


Greetings @practicalthought. I saw this film today and thought of you. Many blessings.

An interesting video that raises more questions than it answers. Thank you for sharing.

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