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It fascinates me that Tesla, Einstein, Plank, Grof, and many, many other physicists and deep thinkers all go back to the fundamental awareness that to understand the cosmos one needs to consider energy and vibration as the key.

Indeed, when one thinks about it it is very clear they were/are correct. If we were to describe ourselves in a purely mechanistic way we would say that we are biological entities that sense and respond to energy, and that we ourselves are energy. Think about it: we have our five senses that are in constant use, even in sleep they are on a kind of unconscious holding pattern. We also have a sixth sense. Who can deny that anymore. To do so is simply ignorance.

Perhaps the first time I consciously became aware of this 6th sense was when I was 12 years old. My best friend and I sat in the back of the class (our teacher should have known better, and separated us). Anyway, he and I would choose a fellow student and focus on the back of that persons head. EVERY student would turn around and look to see who was looking at them. All but one: Karla Jones. We could not get her to turn around. Of course this is just a simple example, but indeed we are creatures that sense and process energy... and try and make sense out of it all!

There is no doubt either that electric energy is life for we biological units, and all other animals. Without it there would be no life. We could not sense or do anything without it. Isn't it fascinating how we respond to music, art, nature, hot cars, and clothing, and poetry, and on and on and on. It's all energy.

You know what mindfulness is? It is simply becoming more and more aware of energy down to the finest little detail. I know of meditation masters who literally can sense the energy of a rose petal or the presence of a tree or the energy changes in a cat and so very much much more. I remember the first time I actually "saw" that people are energy. I saw that if you strip away the physical illusion of a human that beneath and within this we are energy. I was driving in town the next day and stopped at a stop light. A man walked across the cross walk in front of me, and I was amazed that my brain/consciousness shifted and I perceived him as pure energy. It was quite fascinating.


So why is it important that we are aware of this? What difference does it make? First of all we absorb, radiate, and transfer energy. We are attracted to and respond to all sorts of energies. Our bodies become ill when our energy is out of balance. We succeed or fail in life dependent upon our energy. We create energy patterns in our minds and hearts. Love is an energy. Fear and hate are too... and everything in between. Our thoughts, words, dancing, singing, swearing, rants, all are energy. Other than our very existence being energy it's not so important!

The bottom line: once we humans become aware of this expanded reality, then we can begin the process of becoming responsible for our own energies and also become aware how we are influenced by energies "out there". Frankly, I am of the opinion, that if we humans have a chance of surviving and rising above our proclivity to destroy each other it will only come as we rise in consciousness and awareness of the fact we are, and everything around us, is energy. We must become aware that we, too, create our reality, our thoughts, our health through energy.

Many blessings. May you be at peace.




I put this solidly in the category of "act as if you know what you know." As kids almost all of us sense energy and interpret that information in some useful way, even if we never think of it as sensing energy. But we get trained to pretend we have only 5 senses, lest we not be considered weird or a nuisance to all the other people pretending.

Great post.

Thanks @indigoocean. Sorry for the delayed response to your comment. It's been a busy week. Hope all is well in NM, and that you've come to a decision on whether to build or not to build. I'll have to check out your blog and find out!

The new generation, Gen Alpha, will be better informed on the issues of vibrations and energies than any other. It is my hope they create a new reality for humanity. This is, I think, our contribution to the future: to train this rising generation. Many blessings.

Building! And looks like my natural builder just bought land himself right across the road from me! We didn't know that until we started talking about the area we're each about to be in.

Ah, but you are used to synchronicity. But it's always fun when it happens, isn't it? Many blessings.

It must have been amazing to SEE some one as pure energy!!! It takes quite a meditative awareness to sense energy I think. But its really interesting to work with energy with such awareness as it makes us more conscious of our actions and being in the world

Indeed it has only happened a few times, but when it does I'm both thrilled and fascinated. I have better "luck" with trees. I don't see them as vibrations but I do very much sense them. Perhaps it is some ancient Druid blood that I have. Blessings.

I love the post. Yes we are all energy. Everything is energy and if people could just see the energy and see what they do effects us be seeing the energy change. This would be a very different place. I believe for some people this will become the norm and their six sense will be able to assist them through this environment. Some people can do it now. Becoming aware is so important.

Perhaps the new Gen Alpha (kids born from 2013-2025) will be able to figure it all out and make sense of this madhouse we call life. Hope so. Maybe many of them will become Energy Masters. Why not? It sure would be great.

Meybe they will. It would be fantastic to see the new gen work with energy and assist mother earth and all her inhabitants.

Great post.

I don't typically "see" energy as some do, but I've sensed and felt it since I was a kid, and that has never left me. Though I did go through a period of trying to ignore it, as many of us do.

Are you familiar with Rupert Sheldrake's work on the sense of someone looking at you? Fascinating stuff, as all of his work tends to be. He also did a good bit of work on psychic connections between pets and their owners.

Fascinating man, as well; it was Sheldrake who came up with the theory of morphic resonance and morphic fields.

He also took part in a series of "Trialogues" with Terence McKenna and Ralph Abraham, which are beyond fascinating, and I recommend highly. Three great minds in discussion - what's not to love?

McKenna was always equally fascinating and funny, Abraham could be quite insightful, and Sheldrake is just one of those amazingly gentle souls of which the world seems to have far too few. Great stuff.

It's strange I've never read Sheldrakes books but am aware of them. But I certainly must become informed. I'll look up the "Trialogues" you referred to . They must, indeed, be fascinating. And funny too how some of us gravitate to certain specific kinds of energy like music , or art, or horses. All fascinating stuff. Oh, and did you catch it that TED talks nixed Sheldrake? They banned him and deleted his talk. And here I thought they were for investigation and expansion of mind and knowledge... but only if they agree with it apparently!

I've heard many of Sheldrake's lectures, but have only read one of his books thus far, though I intend to read them all.

Like me, he was a biology major, and like me, it made no absolutely sense to him that, according to the study of biology, the proper way to study an animal is to kill it first.

And, like me, he left the field of biology as a direct result. He, and I, value living animals over "specimens."

The Trialogues are wonderful, though of the three men participating, I resonate with Ralph Abraham the least; though he is fascinating in his own right, and frequently very funny. He is primarily a mathematician, and quite impressed with himself, which he has every right to be, but I occasionally find it somewhat tiresome.

But I adore both McKenna and Sheldrake, who are every bit as intelligent, if less overtly impressed with their own mental prowess. Sheldrake, in particular, is quite a humble man, which considering his quite considerable accomplishments, says a lot about him as a person.

It makes me wish I'd followed through with my original plan, to move to Santa Cruz and attend UC Santa Cruz, since that's where they were all active at the time. God only knows what might have transpired. ;-)

Still, everything for a reason.

Interesting about Ted Talks, especially since I just accessed Sheldrake's talk about three months ago, so their banning of him is quite recent.

Yeah, God forbid someone conscious infect peoples' minds. Sigh.

Makes me wonder who got to them.

I am most certainly going to delve into the Trialogues. Thanks again for the reference.

UC Santa Cruz! That used to be the liberal hot bed of the west coast, even more so than Berkeley. Back in the day (83-84) held some speaking events there. But thats another story.

Indeed, it seems that for some of us "...the path less traveled by." is our fate and destiny. Blessings.

Lol, yeah, little did I know!

I just wanted to study whales, and that's where Dr. Kenneth Norris was based, who was a leading cetologist (whale researcher) at the time!

And, of course, its physical location was a huge draw, as the area around Monterey Bay is one of my favorite parts of the coastline.

Ah, well. Another life. ;-)

Who knows, maybe it was another life indeed. I mean Jonah was married wasn't he? And now of all things you find yourself in Luxembourg, a connoisseur of fine music and ancient Roman structures. Perhaps deep haunting echoes of whale calls penetrate your sleep and will call you to that other life.

Blessings. Hope you are well and in good spirits.

I have indeed taken a circuitous route through life, and have developed a myriad of interests along the way. And I have indeed awakened to the calls of whales in my dreams . . . I even wrote a poem about it. Not too surprising, I realize.

Have a wonderful evening, and I hope all is well in your world as well. Take care, my friend. ;-)

based on the length of this comment and the ones you've left on my page---- are you in @abh12345's leagues??? if not, you may want to join as you would probably place pretty high based on your comment lengths!!! <3

Wasn't even aware of them, I'll check them out!

Its really quite humorous that anyone could deny energy and/or our energetic bodies. Even the denial is just another form of energy. Its understandable coming from our culture, the way we were brought up (well most). Im currently practicing different energy work and its absolutely amazing. What i find fascinating about it all is 0 and the zeroth dimension and conciousness itself. Wonder what Tesla knowledge has been hidden. Keeping an eye for your next post. Blessings

Great! I'm going to begin a series I'll entitle "The Consciousness Continuum." I hope it proves to be interesting and perhaps informative. Blessings.

:) getting the popcorn ready :]