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Archives: STEEMNEWS, Guest editorial, June 23. 2079.


I address this editorial to those who witnessed the Fall of Empires. I include myself among you, for I too, was there. I, like you, endured the chaos of Transition from one age to another. And I, like you, am deeply grateful to have survived, to have been able to lend my soul to the efforts of creating a New Era, a new reality for humanity.

Who among us can view the picture above without weeping? The joy and gratitude we felt when the sun came out after four years of Global Winter cannot be rivaled by any other human experience in history. Life, warmth, growing seasons, blooms and wild bees. My favorite: swimming in the ocean once again. We all have our lists of treasured moments from those first years don't we? And I suspect there is not one among us who will pass from this life in bitterness or sorrow, for how could we, having come from darkness into light as we did?

From Darkness into Light. The price was dear, nearly unbearably so as we witnessed the near total demise of humanity. In fact there were days, months, years even, when we thought there was no hope. But we few survived. The birthing we experienced was not just a physical reality of the clouds parting and the Sun once again gracing us with life. There was a transformation of the human soul from Darkness into Light, from ignorance into awareness, from a paradigm of lust for power and possessions, and domination to one of cooperative abundance and loving-kindness. We've experienced a 5,000 year leap in awareness and consciousness. No more wars, no more poverty, no more fear of each other. We were utterly changed, the darkness within us was burnt away by the crises in extremis.

May I be your voice in this brief missive? May I speak for you? What is it that we are most grateful for? We are grateful for the change in our hearts, for the awareness in our expanded consciousness. We now exult in an unveiling of soul, we are as the blind suddenly being gifted with sight. We are thrilled with the gift of knowing we are One with the Living Cosmos. We have had the blinders lifted from our eyes and we know who we are, individual expressions of The All. We have been given the power to create our visions. Health, abundance, peace, knowledge, deep bondings of love, a sense of wonder and awe with Nature. We have risen in consciousness to realms of love and light we could not imagine before the Fall.

This then is what I am most grateful for: awareness of who I truly am, awareness that you an I are One. I am grateful for the power to create on a deeper level than anything heretofore imagined. True power come from an understanding of the Nature of the Cosmos we are part of.

Many blessings upon each of you and may you live in peace and love.


Indeed, this editorial may one day be written. Who, among us, can foretell the path to Transition? Perhaps it will not be a birthing from a four year Global Winter, but there will be a birthing, a gestation, a travail leading to a New Era. You and I, here on Steemit, are helping to usher in that New Age. This all can only occur from the paradigm of higher consciousness. There is no other way.

If the world is to change, let it begin with me. I'm certain you share this vision. Our lives, right now, must have a greater meaning and purpose than just living the same old tired story of human woe. If you listen carefully, you can hear a call, a call to create a new reality. Let it be so.

This is my awareness.

Many blessings, Mister Mercury




This is really beautiful, it has the sound of hopefulness ✿

Indeed I am hopeful. However I use the old maxim of "As above so below, as below so above." Individuals frequently must experience some powerful and dramatic disaster before change is realized or attempted. I think the same applies to humanity ...we may have to undergo some powerful challenges to induce change.

Loving all the writing you're doing! You always nail it, Dad.

Very good, I can't wait to read more memories from the future!

Thanks. The folks from the future have a great deal to say. Should be interesting. Blessings.

I know you're right, that it will take some kind of major cataclysmic event, where most of the world's leaders and a lot of humanity are gone before we can ultimately come together. I just find myself hoping against hope sometimes that it can happen without so much devastation and destruction.

Yet, even out of that, hope springs eternal. It would be nice to be around on the other side of that major disaster to see what things look like and turn into, to see human potential finally being reached, or at least approached, rather than seldom getting off the ground.

But regardless of what happens between now and the date of your future editorial, I don't see myself living to be 120, though it might be cool. I'll let you know in 20 years how I'm feeling about it then. :)

Remember Howard Ruff? He was the man back in the early 80's promoting Gold. I think it was at $400 then. Anyway he was predicting terrible disasters and the need for gold. I've been holding my breath ever since. Really. So just about ready to give up and just ride the pendulum as it swings ever so slowly. One day, perhaps, it will swing back to human freedom and self-responsibility. May take a while though. I should think no more than a thousand years or so!!

Well, considering that earlier forms of human freedom and self-responsibility, such as the Greeks and to some degree the Romans, didn't last very long, relatively speaking, the amount ushered in by the founding of the United States took quite a long time to happen. Not trying to be negative, we've just been warned that if we lose freedom here, we might not ever get it back. A thousand years might be too soon. :)

geeze! I was going back through my replies and discovered I wrote the reply above a couple of days ago but failed to post it. Of course you've never done that!

As far as I know, I have not. That's not because I haven't had comments fail to post, but since they can fail I generally don't move on until they're actually posted. Plus, I'm keeping track of them at as I'm posting them, so if they don't show up there, there's an issue. Like today. Things have been a little dicey at times.

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