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Getting divorced is notoriously expensive! Many people just say OK, you can have whatever you want, because they are so traumatized by the whole affair (nice pun).

But if you wanna get a fair deal out of the whole thing, you gotta get a lawyer! Even if you end up settling out of court, you gonna need someone to guide you through all the complexities of the process.

Now in some countries lawyers are more expensive than others, but you are inevitably going to spend a pretty penny on one. Not getting one can cost you dearly in the end!

So better to bite the bullet and get it over with (pay the legal fees so that you get a better deal in the end in terms of maintenance and when you see the kids)

The reason I am writing this post is because my wife recently sued me for a divorce - what made matters worse is that she is a lawyer and her dad is also a lawyer!

I was really surprised when it happened! So I am actually going through this whole process right now. I would really appreciate any Steemians out there who would be willing to help me pay my lawyers!

The pictures in this post are some pictures of my kids and some drawings we made together! I wanna give these guys the best possible future I can!!!

This was on my birthday:

This is a picture we drew:

This was the day before the first day of school this year:

Hey before I forget I have a free gift for you if you comment YES below....This helped me tremendously in a number of areas in my life...The Science of Getting Rich (1910) by Wallace D. Wattles

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A divorce is not pretty. I have see some and I pray it does not happen to me. A divorce can bankrupt you. I will buy some upvotes for your post and hope it helps to fund your divorce. Stay strong @pjcswart

Thank you so much!!! You're Awesome! Much Appreciated!

Me too.....

Thank you so much @alexcross! Following YOU!

Thank you so much for all the upvotes, SBD donations, comments, and resteems to help me fund my divorce legal fees so i don't get screwed!

Sorry to hear this:-

The Birthday picture reminded me:- My youngest Sister was married to the Guy who ran Damelin ( years ago) On her Birthday , he came home , she was expecting to be taken out on the Town, instead " Don't love you , don't know if I ever did?, want a divorce!" 3 Children,. Anyhow she met and married a Guy in the USA , who thinks she walks on water!

Why on her birthday? I don't get that. Glad she found someone who values her! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment you're awesome!

Sorry to hear that, @pjcswart, here's an upvote and a resteem which I hope will help. While kids can be really vulnerable at times like this, they can also be extremely resilient. They can see through a whole load of hooey, if you know what I mean. They can also decide who they don't want to be like (ok, that was me as a kid). So if someone is behaving unfairly, they'll pick it up. For what it's worth, please be sensitive to the possibility they may feel guilty for the divorce, even though they're not - many kids blame themselves for mom and dad splitting up (because they didn't clean up their room that day, or were mean to the dog, or whatever). They need to know it's between mom and dad. But you knew that :-)

You are so right @kiligirl, my kids have shown their true colours - tough kids! Especially my younger one really surprised me! I totally hear you. You are such an encouragement! Thank you for the reminder that its between mom and dad and that its important for the kids not to feel guilty. That is so important i can just imagine!

Sending them some Steemit love 😊😊

YES!!! Love those smileys you're awesome!

Never a pleasant experience, so long as your lovely boys don't get pulled into it. Every bit helps so have added a few cents toward this costly procedure and wishing you luck going into the future.

You're awesome, THANK YOU! Every cent helps! FOLLOWING YOU!

just do what your heart says #lots of love #staystrong#stay happy.following you dear follow me back :)

Thank you so much for your kind comment! Following you!!!

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Thank you so much everyone! I am truly humbled by your tremendous support!!!

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