My new painting /oil on canvas 90 x 120 cm/ step by step/ original content

in teamserbia •  2 months ago

I made this painting for the Pigmalion Art Colony in the village Tamnjanica on Stara Planina in Serbia.
You can also see the process of creating while it's been started in my studio.

The last photo shows a part of a beautiful nature in which I brought to the end the production of this painting, as well as my pet who guards and keeps the picture ;)

Thank you for your comments and support!

ARIA oil on canvas 90 x 120 cm 2018.jpg





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Hey montiljo, thank you for sharing such nice and detailed work. You shown the beautiful nature through your art and you express the color very well. I like the red leaves which cover the ground, it so detail although it only some tiny leaves if compare with the trees. You did not do justice to your little cute guard. You should draw him/her as well. :)
Congratulation for such an expressive artwork.


:) :) :) Thank you!

What a grand oil painting this one is, I'm sure the real version would look even better as I can peer closer to the sumptuous details that you have worked hard on.          
I really like how you transformed the shape of the tree in this art into some kind of source of light. It is pretty unique and beautiful. And I also like the lovely dark and red ground that balanced the light, together they make a wonderful contrast.          
Congratulations on your curie vote. Totally deserved :D.      

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What a great piece! How long did it take you to paint? And was there a particular inspiration?


Thanks a lot! It takes about a month to finish that painting. Inspiration is always in nature.

great work @montiljo also for me trees are a special subject that i like to take photos of, your painting is very powerful you can feel a kind of magic energy, perfect composition and also the colors are vivid, a really impressive piece of art, keep on expressing you talent


Thank you so much for that words :)

Hi montiljo,

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Your painting is really fascinating, I love the autumn feel it is having you made it all appear real, like its a photo that was taken not painted. And the sun breaking it through the leaves, well, you didn't leave that out and it made it appear more real, you didn't leave out even the little details which is great.

You are just so talented.

So, your dog wanted to join in the "artsy experience" (lol), he looks cute posing for the photo though...


Thank you Audrey! :D

@montiljo It is wonderful his great talent and work of art in painting. The development step by step is very gratifying to see it. Every detail you added to the beautiful forest painting is incredibly spectacular. I love the populated branches of the two trees and the interesting thing about the forest. You used cheerful colors giving joy to the trees in your work. Great talent. Congratulations for having such a beautiful pet that poses so well for the photo next to the great work of art. A big hug.


Thank you so much for all that kind words! :)

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Uuuuh i dont know what i like now more, you should not have shown your little dog here ;-) 😃

Haha okay but lets get serious now! Wonderful nature in autumn painting. Do you have an awesome wooden frame for this masterpiece of art?

Greetings from a art and food lover from germany ;-) ✌


Thank you for compliments!!! And yes, my dog is special :) Greetings from Serbia :)

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

wow that's fantastic ! You have quite an eye for plein air - excellent to be at an artist's retreat - I miss those - i have not done one since about 1983


Thank you :D

Amazing piece, @montiljo <3 Always a treat to see you post, and this one has such a russet and autumn majesty to it * ___ * The sea of red leaves covering the grounds is simply breath-taking...!!! The full size picture is absolutely incredible <3

Love the progress pictures so much, also <3 And your doggo <3 Your doggo is so awesome !!!


Thank you! Yes he is extraordinary. :)

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Loving your perspective in this work. Very unique. The tree in the distance seems to be vibrating as you look at it. I have not seen anything like this before.

Thank you for the progress photos. This is my favorite type of post on steemit. In the beginning it looks spooky. By the time you are done, I see hope. And your dog is awesome - great ears and expression :)

Where's the shotgun of your painting guard? Lol!

It shows how valuable is your painting Montiljo!
Have you tried a painting that you submitted in an exhibition stadium?
It would be a great honor to achieve that.
You have the potential!

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I didn't realized it was a painting from the thumbnail. The tree form and the colors didn't reveal it from afar. I just thought the strange forms were intentionally edited in photoshop to add flavor the to the image. It's a beautiful piece and the guardian of the painting is cute :D

Very unique work. Congratulations.

howdy from Texas sir montiljo! ha! look at that dog guarding the painting! great job sir. I really enjoyed seeing the process of the work growing and filling in and coming to fruition as the finished project with all the vibrant orange colors and the activity of the scene!

really well done! do you have other paintings that you feature on your posts? and does your pet guard them too? lol.
thank you sir.

Man, you loaded a lot of detail into that, the step by step was great as well. It is pretty cool seeing how, you layered another layer of paint and with each layer you added more and more detail. I do like the surreal effect that you gave it with the lighting and the waves through the trees. Sort of like an ancient medieval forest-scape, you are very talented.

Oh wow.. your expression of the trees, branches and trunks and withered leaves are so well defined. I love the autumn colours. It is a beautiful art piece @montiljo. Thank you so much for sharing it here with us. Hehe.. you have a very well trained doggy. He is guarding the painting very well :)

Hi @montiljo,

Amazing art, so much great detail. Definitely would have loved to see some more of the process in making it.

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Fantastic painting.

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