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RE: Intellectual Property Theft, Plagiarism, Hurting Each Other Where & When We Could/Should be Helping.

in #teamphilippines4 years ago

Everyone wants to earn money that's why they are posting duplicate content again and again over steemit. Negligence of whales and the other steemit members are degrading this awesome initiative. Members of steemit are not ready to help someone who want to make it a more engaging, more awesome place to interact.

I posted a blog post regarding help, I searched everything but didn't found any answer. So I posted, no one came to help me.

Few people commented, not with the solution but with their opinion that you have to find the solution all by yourself.

Lol !!! In such way it will beat facebook ..


Incentivized and in some cases very fake "niceness", until I see ethics and morals and ACTION taken I don't see it going to "the moon", it's very sad some don't have the balls to stick up for others and let them get attacked or in your case totally ignored......anyways, thoughful comment

Really this is entirely based on money people cheating each other.that bad

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