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RE: Intellectual Property Theft, Plagiarism, Hurting Each Other Where & When We Could/Should be Helping.

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This is quite upsetting @sasha.shade thank you for bringing it to our attention. Some of us were unaware that they were rip-offs and even thought that they were purchased from @haleyaerith as originals.

@teamphilippines does not support plagiarism or theft of intellectual property.

We appreciate the support for the event that they were showing with the shirts, but do not support the way in which it was done. Permission and rights should have been requested, or purchased from the original designer(s) and/or copyright owner.

This is illegal according to both Philippines and International law.

Thank you for reporting this so that we all go forward with our eyes wide open and can focus further on uplifting original quality content only.


not my design and i had no intentions of stealling the design.

Heres how it all happened.
exported file of conversation.

Im giving those shirts for free in an event where me and the author of this post will both speak.

If you want to see the truth, pls click the link.


There may be stuff writen in Filipino you wont understand and but you can ask other pinoys here to translate it for you.

i'd like to thank all dolphins and whales who asked first before coming up with a judgement.