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RE: Intellectual Property Theft, Plagiarism, Hurting Each Other Where & When We Could/Should be Helping.

Hectic stuff.. Well, let's just chill :)

Nice shirt! Well done to all you guys who put in the hours to make the design. Take it as a compliment :D They couldn't make their own shirt, and had no choice by to 'plagiarize' :P

Nice, in-detail post! Keep them coming my dude!

I gave you a follow. Talk soon.


And here I am sitting in the corner and still in shocked.

Just take it easy my friend :) Don't beat yourself up..

Think about how amazing your design was that they couldn't do it themselves! :) Remember, Karma will always return 10-fold on the situation. Both, good and bad! If they were wrong, life with punish them. Same, but the opposite for you. You put-in the hours into making that design, you will be rewarded for your efforts!

Just be happy and let life play it's course :) Talk soon.

speaking of karma. Listen to the song Karma by kimi veraste. I like that

Listening now :) It's pretty decent!