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It's been a week of watching people freaking out.


What freaked me out most is not that so many people fell hook line and sinker for the "corona virus" psyop - that is not surprising, sheeple fall for a variation of the virus psyop every two years.

And it's not that toilet paper is the new gold - the sheeple are getting more filled up with shit by the day, and toilet paper is helpful for that.

No, what has freaked me out the most is that there was some better information on my Facebook feed (yes, I went there for my monthly look) than there was on my Flote and Steemit feeds, which have been filled up to the brim, like a blocked toilet, with corona virus fudporn for weeks. So much for "alt-media" - it looks like alt media is now more clueless than the government approved programming media. They are one and the same. That is a wasted opportunity. Wake up Steemit and Flote users - many of you just got fully suckered!


"Never forget, the Achilles heel of anyone who’s driving aim in life is to CONTROL the lives of other people is his or her aching need to be taken “seriously”. No tyrant on any level can handle derision, it deflates them utterly by reducing their stature to its proper level in a way which they cannot escape. Imagine if they held an election and everybody laughed" - Tyler Durden





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damn! ....that's why I can't control others.
Time for everyone to take me seriously...

You need a PR manager - I can help!


3 steem heading oyur way soon from th elast trades!

I need an admin guy to redistribute my profits, if you're up for helping out?

(I'll send you the steem - and a list, with a memo - and you send to the various wallets?)

I'm more pictures than accounts :)


Lucylin's interpretation...

I'm more wanker than

I am offended, censor yourself immediately


The problem is, we have a deadly disease, that was spread to The US back in January... and now the WHO is deciding to call it a pandemic now?

Why did they wait so long?

Is it because the news needed time to get everyone to use COVID-19 instead of the

Wuhan Virus ?

The WHO is complicit, and even though this virus may kill of twice as many people as the last disease go round, we aren't taking any real measures, and just pumping out hype and fear.

Poor toilet paper manufacturers.
Huge sales this month, no sales next month.

The flu renamed every two years is still the flu

Virus theory is all bullshit anyway

Viral disease is poisoning. Corona industrial pollution and 5g rollout in wuhan. Spanish flu was vaccination and aspirin poisoning
Polio was DDT poisoning Flu is air pollution (inc emf) and winter vit d deficiency Meningitis is drug poisoning Smallpox was a mild easily curable non contagious sanitary disease They changed meaning of virus from poison to germ to create fear and hence vaccination They then vanished toxicology They then vanished the vitamin c cure for all viral disease since 1930s which would have destroyed vaccination No virus has ever been isolated. “Viruses have never been isolated, none, there is no measles virus” — Dr Robert Young


That is nice, i haven't had anyone layout the connections for each "virus"

Another piece to add is that Pasteur lied. When he said that germs cause the disease. There was something more happening, because not every time the germ was present, did the person get sick.

However, Pasteur wanted to get rich selling "medicine" and so told the world it was germs.

He recounted on his death bed.

The other piece is

how the BLEEP do you make a virus test kit?

what set of chemicals can you make that will isolate a virus, and then indicate in a human seeable way that it found it.

i know how it is done... but thinking on it, it really doesn't work. It almost always just ends up looking for secondary things like, lack of X (which the germ ate?), or an excess of Y (which the germ pukes out?)

Which is completely bogus as a an actual measurement.

That sums up 170 years of virus theory!

  • lack of X (which the germ ate), or an excess of Y (which the germ puked out)



Ima write best selling, modern medicine virus theory




Print it on toilet paper and it will sell out


superb....and yet still partisan.
gaia will be the measure of human hubris.
this is the first step towards that.
the plague is humanity.
the solution is extinction of the blind , leading to an evolution of the benevolent

Yes, my point exactly...


But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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