Part 1 : Is Borneo Blockchain Summit a Success?

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By now most people would know that Borneo Blockchain Summit 2018 has just recently concluded. For those first time reading about Borneo Blockchain Summit, please click here and here by post by @joannewong.

Today we had a "sort of" post-mortem meeting with our Co-Organiser (Hartatek) with loads of conversation, ideas, suggestion been thrown out. After they left, it was 4pm. I and @danieldoughty stayed back to EAT as both of us were really hungry and this is the first time we talk (both of us)on the BBS. However, the conversation was about spending time with family with baby @matthewdoughty. For myself effect me on my actual work. By doing BBS, I literally lost 2 deals on my Property Biz, cost me almost RM5K-RM6K and this is because of Steemit. Then, we mention that both of us haven't done a single post after the summit in regards to BBS. Most of the Volunteers had written about it but we still lazing around to settle few immediate issues raised by our Co-Organiser.

Thru weeks of preparation with non-stop meetings, discussions, thousand of whatapps replies, tons of letters and emails, negotiation deals, non-stop teleconference with @danieldoughty and @bitrocker2020. It all comes down to the D day , 8 Sept 2018. The First Blockchain Summit in Sabah and some even say the First in Borneo.

Birds Eye View inside the Auditorium

It was a rollercoaster ride, the anticipation for this kinda even builts up day by day as the pressure and dateline for each segmentation of role was very much at stake. Actually, it keeps me going, which I like, my brain functions faster and effectively if I am in this situation.

Map done by @beverlyjoe credit to him

For those who know me, my background has always been in the Tourism industry, Organizing Events such as this usually is like walking in the park. However, every event comes with different types of hurdles and challenges. It is how you react towards it and make it better and most importantly make it happen. It was natural for me to lead and spearhead the Organizing Committee together with @danieldoughty to make things happen, and also naturally to take up the role as Ground Event Manager.

Photo by @buzz.lightyear, I knew he was hungry for Steem Fish

It was a Hot Day on 7 Sept (Friday) 2018, together with all the Volunteers, we gather at University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) to set up the banner, test the sound system, do a dry run of the program, briefing the Volunteers on their roles, all the small little details were in place. As this involved a Yang Berhormat (YB) a Minister from the Education and Innovation Department arrival, it makes it more intense and semi protocol to the event.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-07 at 1.18.59 PM.jpeg

The beautiful ladies of Borneo @zamifara @viverridae @joannewong @nytrie @melindajamulis @audreyclaire

We run thru the details twice and reminded key volunteers on their role in each area. We were juggling not just the Dry Run at UMS but we also had to arrange the Cocktail Party at the "The Box" which was Sponsored by Dr Marcus Voo from Invech. We also had to rush in / out KKIA in picking up the Speakers and sending them to the Hotel/Dinner (A BIG SHOUTOUT TO @bboyady for volunteering this role), I also had to help him on a few pick up's as the timing and distance were in consideration.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-07 at 4.07.03 PM.jpeg
@alvinauh testing mic one two three, awesome Emceeing brother, very natural

The Cocktails Party was smoothly ongoing with almost all our guest from the Government sector, Speakers, Partners, and Sponsors arrived. It was a tiring night to PR all of them, but we kept pushing through. On the other end, sitting at the corner was @viverridae and @gelfire doing the final touch up of the Participant Namelist, a final crosscheck on the list and registered participant. They also had to send out Broadcast Whatapps to remind all the arriving participant on the programme timing, location map, QR code locality.

Photo by Azlin, Speaker from Hartatek Resources

@bboyady had to pick up the last Speaker from Sinegy Group at 1am morning, and my self with @aaronleang and @joannewong had to go to her sister house to pick up the 2 registration table (her sister stay on the 2nd floor, obviously it was me and @aaronleang had to carry it down, we were tired and tipsy actually after much drinking with the Sponsors, knowing that we had to go up and down twice to carry the 2 tables, I vividly remember telling @aaronleang "Bro, Lets carry Both Tables down, I am too tired to walk up and down" we both carry it down with just 1 stop on the first floor (I think the Power of Alcohol was kicking in), and it was almost 1 am during that time) For those who personally knows @aaronleang imagine his veins coming out from his skin carrying the tables 😁- Teasing you bro !! hehe..What a night to remember.

Photo by @buzz.lightyear

BTW Don't Freaking Ask Why UMS don't provide the Table!!! It boils me up.

When I got home, I called up Daniel again to check on what is missing and what needs to be reminded, we final cross check again the details and decided to call it a night (last sentence by him "Whatever Comes, Let it Be, We Ride Through It Only" - indeed we will )

Til Then That's it for now, wait for the Continuation on Part 2 of Borneo Blockchain Summit 2018.

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LoL... Staring carrying 2 tables with @aaronleang..


I know right!!! Lol .. imagine face reactions 😆😄

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Sorry to hear that you have lost a big business bro. Hopefully soon you can get a better one.

Thank you for everything bro. You and @danieldoughty really put 200% in it.

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Thks to you and all volunteers too. Biznes can find tomorrow, but people like u and the all the volunteers cant... i am trully inspired..

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Our pleasure to help bro. Congratulations for getting high upvote too. Cheers

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Cheers , totally stoked upvoted by

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Congrats to all crew BBS 2018..!!!


Tq Efa dan semua untuk volunteer BBS. TQ so much

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Efa teda tlg apa2 pun...
Kasi tacap saja...heheheh..


Iya .. tacap pun tolong juga tu .. sedikit sebanyak tak kisah .. asal semua volunteer turun.. 🙏🏻🙏🏻😅😅

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Apa yg penting....kerjasama...☺️☺️☺️

You and @danieldoughty championed the event well, proud to be part of it, you guys rock! You both looks so tired (zombified) at the end of the event but still carried on, truly inspiring


Totally we were zonbified.. i think on Tuesday i slept at 12midnight and woke up around 11am next day .. full recharge !!!

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Really enjoy and happy working with you all. Tired but fun 🤗

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