Borneo Blockchain Summit 2018 - An event that you mustn't miss!!

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Borneo Blockchain Summit

It is very exciting for this coming Borneo Blockchain Summit which an event organised by mostly #Teammalaysia Steemians Spearhead by @bitrocker2020, @danieldoughty & @veenang and of course together with the great team!! See you all next week in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, known as The Land Below The Wind. It is a place where within 100 KM, you get to enjoy the Mountain and the Sea. The Mount Kinabalu, The Highest Mountain In Malaysia and 3rd Highest Mountain in Southeast Asia. The South China Sea which part of the Pacific Ocean and around by all the beautiful islands and beaches.

100KM and you get all these? Only available in Sabah :P

Okay, now you know part of the reason why I can't wait to go back to Kota Kinabalu right, oh did I mentioned the seafood is the fresher in Malaysia? Let go back to Borneo Blockchain Summit, Like my title of the post, this is an event that you mustn't miss whether you're at Sabah or any other place. The payout of this post is going to @myach to support the conference and do you know that the Borneo Blockchain Summit was running crowdfunding through Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform? Therefore, I deeply GRATEFUL and THANK YOU in advance for any Steemians who upvote this post.


Nowadays, there are a lot of scam going around using the word Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and mostly are MLM. So hopefully with this summit, people know how to differentiate MLM VS Blockchain Technology. The reason for the Borneo Blockchain Summit is to educate as many peoples as possible and to the public. What is Blockchain? What is Cryptocurrency? Also to tackle questions such as Is Trading more profitable then Mining? Is this ICO for real? Bringing established Speakers in the Blockchain space from around Southeast Asia.

Borneo Blockchain Summit Sponsors & Partners

THANK YOU @fundition, @steemhunt, @curie, @sndbox !!!

How you can support the Borneo Blockchain Summit?

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  2. You can write a post about Borneo Blockchain to create awareness where you can donate the payout to @myach with a memo written Borneo Blockchain Summit
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Date: 08th September 2018
Time: 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Address: Main Auditorium Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, University Malaysia Sabah Jalan UMS, Sabah 88400
Get your Ticket RM 80.00 - RM 120.00 at Eventbrite

Lastly, Looking Forward to See you All there at Borneo Blockchain Summit 2018!

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