Borneo Blockchain Summit 2018 - A Call For HELP Crowd Funding

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It has been a roller coaster ride for me since Team Malaysia wanted to organize a conference. The idea was mooted actually to have seminar/talk or a Steemit Conference, with the idea and angle we heading of Mini Asia Steemfest. Since the SteemFest is held on the other side of the world, it will be too costly for some Steemians in South East Asia to fly to attend. (I know some will, but a lot cant due to many factors and personal reasons).

Last Month @bitrocker2020 was in this region of Sabah, Borneo and we had a more serious talk on how the conference gonna be. It was then we had the opportunity to meet with Datuk Bruno Vun, Permanent Secretary to the Minister of Education and Innovation here. We then slowly explain to him that we gonna organize an educational blockchain event in Sabah. An event to give pointers to the public on how blockchain works, it is more unto an education element. He likes the idea and supported the event. The reasons for this is because we have more and more scammers out there cheating peoples money thru the name Blockchain Cryptocurrency. and people often believe and fall for it, nothing is too good to be true, and how to avoid this, is thru Education. Educating people on how to see pointers of true and false, the basic knowledge of CryptoCurrency.


With Datuk Bruno Vun, @bitrocker2020 and @danieldoughty

Borneo Blockchain Summit

That's when the birth of Borneo Blockchain Summit was born and initiate. The three of us look at each other and asking How are we gonna organize if we don't have the money? All kinds of the idea were thrown on the table, the scope, the angle, the details, the venue and etc. To fast forward and cut the lame stories. So, we decided the conference to be held as below:

Date: 8 Sept 2018
Venue: University Malaysia Sabah (UMS)

We are bringing in top blockchain speakers around South East Asia to spearhead the Summit. All the information on Borneo Blockchain Summit can be access through the website here. It will eventually lead you the Eventbrite page for a purchase of your ticket.

Who are We?

We are a community of bloggers and content creators around Malaysia helping individuals to get them started on STEEMIT. We regularly organize events to introduce new Steemians into the community and also help them to get their posts up! We are using the platform of Steemit is due to systems of writing and earn concept, this way thru the education segment, we can introduce mass people to join in Steem. That's when we started with @steemxp, The South East Asia, Curation Guild thriving to promote the usage of Steem Blockchain across South East Asia. Our focus is towards new authors and we would be providing the assistance and guidance to help them obtain a great experience the Steem blockchain.

The People behind SteemXP initiatives are @danieldoughty (lead) and @bitrocker2020 in support of @myach (Malaysian Accelerator Hub). Want to be part of @steemxp? or want to become City Manager in your country? check out our website here for more info.

A Call for Help Crowd Funding

Now, we have come to the world of Reality, everything needs money to run and organize. We understand that we will be charging participants for the 1-day event summit. However, in this region, we can't charge people with the expensive entrance ticket like some other blockchain summit. With an early bird Ticket of RM80.00 per pax and at the door purchase of RM120.00 per pax, it is barely cover the cost.

On top of that, we will be having to meet up session with the speakers and hotel accommodation, all this is paid by the organizers. With that said, we barely touch the mark of the perfect budget.

On the other hand, all the working committees and volunteers for this Summit, are all from the Team Malaysia Steemit Family. None of us are paid to do this besides doing a post like this. To lower the burden of the Organiser Committee budget, we have decided and pledge that this post-payout rewards will be donated to @myach, a steem account dedicated to doing events, charities, and conference such as this. This account is taken cared none other our Proxy Witness @bitrocker2020.

What you can do to help?

  1. Resteem and Upvote this Post
  2. Write a post about this Summit (Short& Simple) and pledge after 7 days payout, the rewards will be donated to @myach - Do tag #teammalaysia @bitrocker2020, @veenang, @danieldoughty
  3. You also can send Steem or SBD to @myach for personal contribution

Therefore, I am calling unto #teammalaysia members and all steemians out there, in the name of #steemit, we ask for your kindness support and help to assist us in our call for help. With this fund, we can organize better so that more people can join and understand Blockchain and Steemit is all about.

Do not hesitate to ask a question in regards to the summit if you have any. Comment and Suggestion are most welcome!!!

Who Am I & Why I am Here?

I am Alvin 'aka' @veenang who loves good food and enjoy engaging with people from all walks of life and meeting interesting, creative and intelligent people.

I am a SMALL Pioneer Tourism Buff in Sabah, Malaysia, Borneo. I ACCEPT STEEM for Hotel Booking in MALAYSIA and also Tours in Sabah, Malaysia, BORNEO. YES, YOU HEARD IT RIGHT!!! Do check out my post by clicking

Here for more details or chat me in Discord veenang#2913

Why Steemit ???
Unlike other social media platform, we can actually earn a reward by writing good quality contents (Blogging) and commenting on Steemit platform.

How to Join???
Steemit is Free to Sign Up, you may click HERE and it will lead you to the Sign-Up page. What are you waiting For? Sign Up Now!!!

"Steemit is NOT a Race, it's a DAMN LONG Marathon that NEVER ends" @veenang

Search me at Discord veenang#2913

Credit to @cklai for #teammalaysia Sabah Logo

Credit to @cklai for doing this GIF Banner

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@veenang, you have my support for the pledge. I really wish I could make it and join you all but circumstances has grounded me from spending anything too much until all is done at the end of the year.

You have my 100% upvote and I have resteemed it. I hope all the best for this very first education event to be a success! We can be setting the world stage for practical use of cryptocurrency with proper education.

Thank you so much for taking on this journey with us!
I'll get @dses account to resteem as well (it is too weak to upvote lol)

upvoted and resteemed

Awesome, will definitely support this with whatever I can manage :) There had been a lot of blockchain event happening in KL as well, also in MaGIC too. I take this as it is a time where everyone started to flow into this realm and try to understand how this technology works. This is a good time for us early adopters to help them out :)

Upvoted and resteemed. Will send an amount to @myach for the fundraising!

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Now I am reading this in rush because of children's dinner time. Will soak in somemore and see what I can. As for now, upvoted and resteemed first. Great job @veenang.

Truly Apologize for the delayed reply as BBS and my own work really took up my time to check on replies eventhou my sexy Ginabot gives me notification that you guys comments.

@littlenewthings @kimzwarch @happycrazycon @iamjadeline. Borneo Blockchain Summit is the first held in Sabah or even may be first in Borneo. Its gonna be a blastoff, since its the first, the response is overwhleming. Up to date, we have about 187pax, we almost achieving our first target which is 200pax, actually, i know we will.

So we upgraded the hall from 200pax capacity to 500pax capacity, since we have secured a sponsorship from the Ministry of Education to sponsor the Auditorium ... Yeahhh !!!! hehe..

Thank you for your support and resteemed. Wish you all can come actually, Team Malaysia Sabah members actually are very friendly eager to meet you all.


LOL... we understand @veenang . We will do whatever we can to help broadcast and support your initiative. Wish I could go too but in unforeseen circumstances many things are delayed on my side.

Just to brighten up the summit with excitement for #teammalaysia members, come check out what @dses is doing for SSB , do get the Sabah team to participate the fun. Maybe one of you will be blessed.
Announcement will be added into the discord soon!