How to Upload Profile Picture and Cover Image

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I think some of the new steemian don’t know how to upload personal picture as profile pic and the cover image. Let me share to you all how to upload our picture. I’m also learn the way from @danieldoughty.

  1. 1st open the new tab and type 👇🏻


  1. And then click Choose images and choose ur picture. 👇🏻


  1. Select the pictures which you wan’t as your profile pictures then wait the picture upload. 👇🏻

  2. After upload complete, scroll down the page find Direct link and copy it.

  3. Then sign in your steemit and go to settings paste the Link you copy from to PROFILE PICTURE URL

Follow the step that i show to you, then your pretty or handsome profile picture will show to everyone in steemit. Cover Image also same step as I show. Lets try to upload your pretty/handsome picture as your profile picture.



Beautifull photos very nice look at this

Thanks, will make more beautiful photo.

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It is a good information to me! Thanks!

Welcome, hope this post bring more information to you.

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Very good info for someone like me, a newbies. Thank you for sharing @smil3

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Thank you. Very clear instruction indeed.

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Thank you very much! And thanks for your information. It helps a lot😊

Org sabah rupanya. Berjiran kita bah😎Sy newbie sini😀

Hahah 😂 .. ya kita berjiran saja ni 😁😁

eya hahahh..sama2 la kita grow up di steem community ni ya :) sy masi noob lgi di sini ni hahahahah

Its ok, ada apa2 yang sya tau sya post juga, supaya u all knw it ya 😉

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Okies, i will post more and help new member here 😉 .. nw abit bz, ltr will post ya 😁

I has this problem on how to get the right pic for my Steemit account. Thank you now I know already

You are welcome, I’m so happy that my post can help you solve your problem.

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It is very good information for newbies like me. Thanks for sharing ya 😊

So happy my info helping you our new member 👍🏻 .. keep follow me ya 👌🏻

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