“Sunset Snapshot” Kuala Lumpur — Steemit
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Die von der Natur auf den Himmel gemalte Farbkomposition schwebt über der von Menschen geschaffenen Millionenstadt. Dein Bild stellt diese Polarität sehr gut dar. Als Mensch, der am besten in der Natur seine innere Mitte findet, sind Megastädte kein Ort für einen dauerhaften Aufenthalt. Auch München wird mir allmählich zu groß. Ich kenne das Umland der Stadt seit vielen Jahrzehnten und ich muss feststellen, dass sich die Verdichtung immer mehr in die Region durchfrisst. Wenn München irgendwann so groß ist wie Kuala Lumpur, wie wird dann deine Stadt aussehen? Ich glaube, ich will das gar nicht wissen.

Du hast mal wieder in Deiner Paradediszipilin brilliert! :-)

Hast du da einen leichten Blur Effekt verwendet...sieht jedenfalls toll aus.
Beeindruckender Sonnenuntergang 🌅

Grandioses Foto -superschöner Sonnenuntergang 👍

Wow!! Your shot is awesome @redpalestino

Nature look is something I admire most, especially when nature reflect Its beauty to colour our world. That reflection from sun set make your shot looking good.

Thanks for share.

Amazing and spectculer view, Everything you do is so magical. I'm so glad i've followed to your @. I look forward to everything you do and show us. You show us the most beautiful of places. It is like heaven upon earth :)

I'm currently trying to key in a still shot of parts scene that I don't want any movement on, say the grass and building in the fist shot of the coast line in the beach shots, and overlap the moving clouds, water or whatever. A bit of Ken Fouls effect, and it has got to be good if I can get it right!

Nice work. Many thanks for sharing this photography.

Really beautiful of sunset Mr..
With a golden situation!

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Wow view. Amazing click

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Oh My Goodness how beautifully this scene has been captured by you @redpalestino. Although I was also looking at this awesome scene from my window at Sentul, KL but you rock the party Wow <3

Amazing sunset shot🖖

Beautiful color of sky.

This is a good picture, and I like how to take pictures. how do you do it and whether the weather is very influential when shooting @redpalestino. Resteem

This is mind blowing amazing!
This is absolutely gorgeous!
Nice captured!

IMAGINE: somewhere in a galaxy far, far away there is a species that does not fight. A species that is at one with its surroundings. A species that is not shallow and does not judge a book by its cover. A species that does not desire control over its fellow beings. A species that works together without selfish motives.

This is where humanity has gone wrong. We are incredibly lucky to have this planet - the place we call "home". Competition in society breeds so many problems. Whether the competition is innate, or whether it is manufactured is up for debate.

Appreciate this life you have. Appreciate your environment. Appreciate one another.

Just excellent brother.. thanks for sharing with us.

Very Wendawful Place..lovely shot..my dear friend redpalestino .Love you

it turns out that the building in Kuala Lumpur also has a very amazing beauty, hopefully this is a good thing for everyone

very good view

This beautiful photography proves an existence of a super intelligent architect. How beautiful and flawless! This can not be randomness, because randomness always turns out being out of shape or full of flaws. Why don't the atheists just give up and look at these beautiful signs and beauty of the Almighty?

The picture was taken by phone? It's amazing !!!

Just WOW!!!
Beautiful 😍

Masterpiece! :)) Fabulous sunset view :)

Wie immer vielen Dank für das Teilen deiner Eindrücke aus mir immer unbekannten Gegenden. So sehe ich als derzeit leider nicht reisender doch immer etwas von der schönen Welt.

Sonnenuntergänge haben sowieso immer eine art magischen Hauch den sie mit sich bringen. 😅👍 (zumindest für mich)

wow ... perfect color like the highest quality camera.

KL view....
So nice

wow ' amazing and like it photo.

Beautiful <3

Just beautiful. Stunning

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great photo shot !

Du hast einen perfekten Moment festgehalten
You have captured a perfect moment my friend. The sunset is a stage light on the city. Thanks for sharing.