Inktober 2019 - Catching up Part 5!

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Into the last stint of this year’s Inktober challenge! Two more prompts to go! Do let me know what you guys think of my pieces! Here we go!

Day 24 : Dizzy


It straight away takes me to Austin Powers time machine haha. And also inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. Sucked into oblivion.

Day 7 : Enchanted


Female ball obviously having a crush on another male ball. The other poor male ball got sad. Poor thing.

Day 27 : Coat


Obviously inspired by the poster art of the Godfather. Realised that we need to do visually familiar things for the majority of viewers can related and shapes n forms recognised instantly.

Day 28 : Ride


Instantly have the iconic image of Akira sliding the bike. However this one like the others I referred to my mental images.

Day 29 : Injured (badly)


Famous quote is when an artist sad, they will write a comedy. When they are happy, they write happy stories. The guy 99% injured but he appears happy lol.

Thank you for dropping by!

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The coated father, I thought they were Men In Black at first! Hahaha

its Godfather! haha

Yeah, after read habis baru tau.